Are You a Cosmic Starseed?

By Michelle Walling, CHLC A Cosmic Starseed is a person that is from another dimension, world, or planet. Although they may have incarnated on planet Earth many times in preparation for this lifetime, Cosmic Starseeds do not feel like Earth is their ultimate “home”. Most of them travel the cosmos … Continue reading

Arno Pienaar- Deprogram The Matrix And Move To Zero Point- Cosmic Awakening Show

Host Michelle Walling interviews author Arno Pienaar about how words keep you in this reality, and how to de-program from the matrix through recognizing the similarities of numerology within words of the matrix. Topics we discuss are: 1. Stopping the use of words to describe our lives. (words are thoughts, … Continue reading

In5D Webcast – Riding The New Earth Energy Waves

In5D’s Gregg Prescott talks with cohosts Michelle Walling and Candace Craw-Goldman about the New Earth energy waves that are transforming our planet and her inhabitants. We also cover many other topics including Earth ascension 2016 recap timeline jumping/shifting Mandela effect tidal waves of energy arriving how the New Earth transition … Continue reading

David Manning- It’s Going To Be OK- Dissolving The Matrix Cosmic Awakening Show

Host Michelle Walling interviews spiritual energetic technician and interpreter David Manning about Dissolving the matrix and shifting into a New Earth. Topics in this discussion are: -Dissolving the chakras -Self criticism and self worth blockages -What is the matrix and what will it look like to dissolve it? -Very helpful … Continue reading

What Is The Matrix And How Do We Exit From It?

By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, On my website How To Exit The Matrixyou will find esoteric, Gnostic, metaphysical, spiritual, and scientific answers about what the matrix is and how to “unplug” from it. A main topic of focus is how our collective consciousness steers our reality and how we … Continue reading

Unity Of Intention For Transformation

by Michelle Walling, CHLC Guest writer, Unity begins with knowing who you are and why you are here. Unity is what will cause the critical mass and the shifting of our reality into one of peace, love, compassion, and healing. Intention is the power of the imagination to create … Continue reading

Implants, Energetic Attacks, and Magic Manifestation- Cosmic Awakening Show

Host Michelle Walling speaks candidly about recent energetic attacks, implants, reptilians, and how all has been shown to her as an experience in order to master 3d so that 5d will magenitize toward her. Topics of discussion: -Agents in the matrix -Black magic and curses -Implants and how they are … Continue reading

Are You A Healer? If So, Don’t Fall Into These 5 Traps

By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, WooWoo Media As a holistic life coach who has promoted many other healers, I have met a lot of healers who truly have their hearts in the right place but may have fallen into a few 3d traps that limit their potential. Many times I … Continue reading

Finding The Doorway Out Of The Matrix

By Michelle Walling Editor, I am a bigger picture person. I have studied the light and the dark sides on this reality and of myself intensively, and I have found that there is one thing that will make my doorway or exit from this reality appear. This thing that … Continue reading

Forum Of Reality- Episode 9- Michelle Walling Exiting The Matrix

Mike Thompson and Patrick Dengel interview Michelle Walling in their ninth episode of Forum of Reality. Topics covered are: The understanding of the matrix/construct Ascension Discernment Who are we? How to connect with your higher self Has time sped up? Why do women seem to be more attuned psychically? Why … Continue reading

Who Are Your Guides And Angels?

by Michelle Walling, CHLC Guest writer, Many articles on and other alternative sites have mentioned guides and angels that are waiting to help you through this tumultuous time. Who are you calling on when you invoke your guides and angels for assistance, and how do you know you … Continue reading

A New Matrix Provides A New Hologram For Earth

By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, HowToExitTheMatrix A matrix is a grid system that provides the light required to have a physical representation of consciousness in the form of a human body. The matrix on Earth was hijacked by those who dominated and controlled us for millenia through frequency technology and … Continue reading

11 Ways To Relieve Spiritual And Psychic Burnout

by Michelle Walling, CHLC Guest writer, Are you feeling like you are DONE and just want to go home? There are several reasons spiritual burnout is occurring right now. Energetically, we have received many waves of energy that are wiping out all that does not serve us. As we shift … Continue reading

Four Reasons Taking One For The Team Will Soon Stop

by Michelle Walling, CHLC Guest writer, Starseeds that are the forerunners of ascension are getting up once again from the result of the waves of energies that came through in huge waves in September. Those of us that “take one for the team” are wondering when the hell we … Continue reading

Class Dismissed- The History Of Schooling In The U.S.

By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, The current model of schooling is outdated by 100 years! The Prussian system was brought to the us in the INDUSTRIAL age to use bells, schedules, and tests to groom children into great factory workers and squelch their imaginations. This introductory video to “Class … Continue reading

In5d Network- Michelle and Lars Discuss Hot Topics 9/16/16

In5d’s Michelle Walling has a talk with friend Lars Sarnhult during full moon energies! They discuss: -What has been going on with Michelle -What’s happening with Lars, including his work -Our mutual friend Emma Louise Hansen -How to transition to the next level of frequency and what that looks like … Continue reading

Hear This Light Language To Accelerate Your Awakening And Ascension

By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, WooWoo Media Light language is the expression of creation that is expressed through sound. If you were to break it down into something you could see, it would be composed of geometric shapes and patterns that vibrate at a certain frequency. The human voice is … Continue reading

The Nazi War Machine Was Actually An American Business

By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, Did you know that Henry Ford supported Hitler by providing Ford engines for German war vehicles?  From vehicles, Coca Cola, railway lines, airplane fuel additives, and oil, America provided many essential products Germany required in order to continue to carry on with war. Stopping … Continue reading

Angel Power With Morgana Starr- The Cosmic Awakening Show

Host Michelle Walling interviews Psychic Medium Morgana Starr, who is a speaker at our upcoming In5d Psychic Conference. In this episode, we discuss the shift, archangels and angels, reiki symbols, the pyramid of protection, implants (the nasty kind), shadow beings, the New Earth, and what happens to people when they … Continue reading

Personal And Planetary Shift And The New Earth From The Dreamers Conference in Finland – Part Two

by Michelle Walling, CHLC Guest writer, Since returning from the Dreamers Conference in Finland in May of 2016, I feel like my life has unfolded in a an accelerated reality where time has become irrelevant. I have the superhuman ability to do the work of two or three people … Continue reading

What Are Shadow Beings And What Can You Do About Them?

By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, As the veil continues to thin between dimensions, many people are reporting seeing shadow beings. Some beings are dark black silhouettes of a human nature, while some can be wispy blobs or even animals. The most reported shadow silhouette is the shadow of a … Continue reading

Hank and Lars Interview and Guided Visualization- Cosmic Awakening Show

Host Michelle Walling interviews Hank Jones II and Lars Sarnhult about their unique methods of guided visualization. In their sessions together, which can be found on Hank’s You Tube channel, they have been connecting with higher aspects of themselves in order to bring messages forth for humanity. Their client sessions … Continue reading

Universal Interference And The Fate Of Negative Elite

By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, WooWoo Media Why would souls want to incarnate into a third dimensional experience and how will they ascend back to a higher frequency? Beings from the 11th dimension that came through in a quantum hypnosis session answer these questions and more, including the fate of … Continue reading

Bethany Lynne- Psychedelics, Twin Flames, And Letting Go- Cosmic Awakening Show

Host Michelle Walling interviews Bethany Lynne, a 24 yr. old living in Vail, Colorado. Bethany shares her view of the world including her positive experience with psychedelics, including following the band Widespread Panic (she has seen them 23 times). We discuss Bethany’s view of how psychedelics in combination with this … Continue reading

Interdimensional Beings With Derrick Faust- Cosmic Awakening Show

Host Michelle Walling speaks with contactee Derrick Faust about his experience after attending Rob Potter’s conference in Mt. Shasta. Derrick attended a UFO sighting in the evening hosted by James Gilliland, and his whole life changed after that. For almost a month following that, he had interaction with various interdimensional … Continue reading

9 Ways To Activate Your Psychic Powers

By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, Have you ever had a bad feeling about something and then it happened?  While some people have more psychic abilities activated than others, there are still ways to help you navigate life and perhaps even help others by expanding your basic psychic abilities. Basic … Continue reading