Are You a Cosmic Starseed?

By Michelle Walling, CHLC A Cosmic Starseed is a person that is from another dimension, world, or planet. Although they may have incarnated on planet Earth many times in preparation for this lifetime, Cosmic Starseeds do not feel like Earth is their ultimate “home”. Most of them travel the cosmos … Continue reading

Stepping Into Both Seats Of God- The Cosmic Awakening Show With Sonja

Host Michelle Walling interviews her friend Sonja for their fourth show together. Sonja is an intuitive visionary who has held a direct connection with the Divine since childhood. She has been blessed with pin point visionary skills and enhanced spiritual gifts and abilities. Her path has now led her from … Continue reading

Quantum Healing With Candace- Gregg Prescott & Michelle Walling

Host Candace Craw-Goldman talks with In5d’s Gregg Prescott and Michelle Walling of about today’s hottest topics, including: -Shadow banning on Facebook -What the best way to meditate is -The nature of our reality -Gregg’s vision of the 3 waves -How embodying your higher self -The upcoming Cosmic Convergence Conference … Continue reading

New Earth News – We Need Your Help!

By Michelle Walling, CHLC New Earth News Correspondent In5d announces the New Earth News category, where all news will revolve around dreams experiences, observations, and channelings about our transition to the New Earth! We need your help in sharing your articles for all of humanity. The Earth and all living beings on it are receiving … Continue reading

Lightbodies, The Landing, And New Earth With Sonja Part 3

Host Michelle Walling welcomes back her friend Sonja to discuss lightbodies, the “Landing”, New Earth, and much more! In this episode, Michelle and Sonja discuss: -Lighting up the merkaba -Expansion of the meaning of the white mansion and the children in the dream -What it means to know you are … Continue reading

The Background People Will Disappear At The Shift

By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, Remember when Dolores Cannon said that there were “Background people”? Our current bodies are not “real”, they are Avatars. In this life, they are an AI program we are using to carry out simulated creation. This occurred when the DNA was changed. Remember, you are the … Continue reading

Distortion of the Timelines & the New Earth- Michelle Walling’s Hypnosis Session #2

In this Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness hypnosis session with Alba Weinman, Michelle Walling’s Higher Self provided information about the distortion of timelines and the New Earth. This is a continuation of Video #120. This dialogue took place (live) for the participants of the New Earth Retreat near Sedona, Arizona. The … Continue reading

The Ability To Remember Who You Are Has Just Been Restored

By Michelle Walling, CHLC Remember who you are has been repeated over and over in our awakening in order for us to begin standing in the power of who we are. Many people have been able to use various tools and methods to achieve this understanding. However even many of … Continue reading

MK Ultra Sex Kitten Programming

By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, This one really goes down the “rabbit hole”.   MK Ultra sex kitten programming is a part of the mind control programs used for pleasure rewards as well as potential blackmail and bribery of public officials, businessmen, and men who have the potential to make … Continue reading

How To Prepare For The Tsunami Wave Of Cosmic Light

By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, Many people have talked about the largest wave of energy yet that will have an unmistakable affect on the consciousness and vibration of humanity. It has been called 3 waves, the solar sneeze, the galactic superwave amongst other names. It has also been said that … Continue reading

Cosmic Awakening Show LIVE Sarasota With Sian Chua

Michelle Walling and Candace Craw-Goldman hosted the Quantum Healing 5d and Beyond Conference Day 2 (October 7, 2017) in Sarasota, Florida. As a part of the conference, Michelle recorded a Cosmic Awakening Show interview in front of a live audience with Sian Chua. Sian is a clinical hypnotherapist experienced in … Continue reading

New Ascension Symptoms Bring Bizzare Pains And Memory Loss

By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, As we accelerate at faster than light speed toward fifth dimensional frequencies and higher, new chakras are opening that may cause panic as resulting ascension symptoms appear. In order to recognize when bizarre pains and memory loss could be related to ascension, it is … Continue reading

Quantum Healing 5d And Beyond Conference Part 1- Michelle Walling and Candace Craw-Goldman

Hosts Michelle Walling and Candace Craw-Goldman kick of the Quantum Healing 5d and Beyond Conference Day 2 (October 7, 2017) in Sarasota, Florida. Michelle is a holistic life coach and webmaster for, and is the host of The Cosmic Awakening Show. Michelle discusses current energy changes and how healing … Continue reading

Lightbodies, The Landing, And New Earth With Sonya Part 2

This is a continuation of the audio interview of Sonya by Michelle Walling. Sonya and Michelle further discuss timeline shifting and the process of shifting from the old earth to a myriad of places, including the Landing and New Earth. Further explanation of Michelle’s show with Allison Coe, where Allison’s … Continue reading

Lightbodies, The Landing, And New Earth With Sonya Part 1

Host Michelle Walling interviews Sonya, who chooses to remain anonymous for several reasons. This interview is audio only with pictures. Sonya and Michelle met just after the huge Equinox shift and have been speaking every day since then, comparing notes in their everyday reality. The biggest introductory topic between them … Continue reading

The Shift To New Earth Is Happening NOW

Host Michelle Walling interviews Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner Allison Coe about the most important topic happening on Earth right now: THE SPLITTING OF EARTHS and when the process will be complete. Michelle and Allison also discuss: -Michelle’s confirmation that this is happening now in her life as well as first … Continue reading

Tips For Navigating The Void Or Rainbow Bridge

By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, After the September 22, 2017 equinox, I felt like I was observing life on Earth inside of a bubble. In this bubble, I was disconnected from emotional triggers and I had manifestation powers beyond belief. I named this bubble the “void” and received confirmation from Kim … Continue reading

Channeling Is A ‘Mind Meld’

By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, I had my first mediumship/channeling experience today, with supernatural special effects to boot. While I have been connected to my higher self and a higher collective for quite some time, today I experienced something different. I “channeled” Dolores Cannon. I was in the middle of … Continue reading

Are We In The Void?

By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, Michelle Walling discusses the void and shares synchronistic confirmation from Kim Hutchinson’s article. Here is the link to Kim’s article: Ascension Signs: Are We in the Void? For more information about the conference calls mentioned in the video, click HERE For more information on … Continue reading

Free Yourself From The Anunnaki Matrix- Upcoming Conference Call

Welcome to the Matrix Members Conference Call by Michelle Walling! In order to free yourself form the Anunnaki Matrix, you need to know what you are dealing with. In this call, we will explore: -The extraterrestrials that came to dominate planet Earth: How, When and Why -The artificial intelligence system … Continue reading

Do You Have A Solar Eclipse Hangover?

By Michelle Walling, CHLC editor, How are you feeling after the solar eclipse? If you are feeling a bit under the weather, you’re not alone. Here are some of the reported symptoms people are feeling even days after the solar eclipse, as well as some suggestions on what to do … Continue reading

CAS LIVE Sarasota- Cosmic Wisdom From Sharon-Elizabeth James

In5d’s Cosmic Awakening Show host Michelle Walling interviews Rev. Sharon -Elizabeth James LIVE from the Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light in Sarasota, Florida. In5d has joined Sharon- Elizabeth in an effort to unite community in Sarasota, FL and around the world. In the first hour, Sharon-Elizabeth discussed how she came … Continue reading

Solar Eclipse Energy Time Anomaly – Something Big Has Happened!

by Michelle Walling, CHLC Guest Writer, Gregg Prescott and I had a most bizarre time anomaly last night! I was wondering if anyone else experienced something similar. After the In5d meetup and the drum circle, we went to Captain Curt’s for dinner. We got home around 9 pm and went straight to sleep, … Continue reading

I Can’t Keep Silent On This Issue Any Longer!

by Michelle Walling, CHLC Guest Writer, I can’t keep silent on this issue any longer, especially in the energies of the Solar Eclipse. So many people are focused on the false light tactics and are stuck down rabbit holes of disclosure and deception. Right now, it is imperative to focus on … Continue reading

MASS MEDITATIONS! How To Help Steer The Collective Out Of The Matrix

by Michelle Walling, CHLC, Guest Writer, Research has shown that a person can change their reality with the power of heart based intention and focused thought. A group of people together can multiply this effect through meditation and quantum entanglement. In this article, I will provide a bit of research on … Continue reading

In5D FB Live w/ Gregg Prescott & Michelle Walling: Lion’s Gate Energies Ep. #6

In this episode of In5D Facebook Live, Gregg Prescott and Michelle Walling talk about the Lion’s Gate energies, an upcoming event (Weekend of Bliss, Rejuvenation, Meditations, And Harmonic Convergence), angels & guides, metaphysical abilities, The 4400, Ho’oponopono, and much more! In5D Facebook Live is an awesome opportunity to share your … Continue reading

What To Avoid When Timeline Jumping

By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, As we continue to accelerate towards a timeline split or bifurcation of timelines, we are steering the collective consciousness towards the highest and best outcome. The role as a timeline jumper is of utmost importance at this time, but there are pitfalls to avoid … Continue reading

Weekend of Bliss, Rejuvenation, Meditations, And Harmonic Convergence

Weekend of Bliss, Rejuvenation, Meditations, and Harmonic Convergence in the Sarasota Area, August 18-21, 2017 There are some amazing events happening in the Sarasota, FL area on the weekend of the Solar Eclipse! If you have been thinking of coming to Sarasota, THIS is a great weekend to come visit … Continue reading

How To Change Your Reality With Ho’oponopono

By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, Ho’oponopono is an EXPERIENCE from native Hawaiians. “Clear your identity so that you can sensually experience the spirit of yourself. That’s the kind of law that makes things work.” The premise of Ho’oponopono is being responsible for your thoughts and actions, since you are creating … Continue reading