2014 Spring Equinox Meditation

2104 star meditation2014 Spring Equinox Star Meditation
With Michelle Walling and Gregg Prescott

Gregg and I decided to go to the beach to meditate on the spring equinox this year. What happened was amazing!

The story begins in the parking lot of the beach. There are only about twenty parking spaces for Crescent Beach, on the 99.9% quartz crystal sands of Sarasota, Florida. The spring break traffic on the island was out of control. There was only one parking space open, and a lady was standing in that parking space, saving it for someone with her to park there. There were no more spaces available.

When we go somewhere we like to envision which parking spaces we would like to see open, and we ask our guides and angels to help out. We had envisioned one of the three spaces closest to the beach at the end of the parking lot, where Gregg always seems to have luck in finding a space. All were full except for the one where the woman was standing in the space. A black car whipped around us and parked in the saved space, almost running down two other people that were talking to the lady holding the space. We then had the choice of leaving and parking down the street or waiting for someone to leave. We decided on the latter. We were mindful of the time, as we had about 45 minutes until the time of the equinox.

As we sat waiting, I noticed the bright pink bougainvillea bush right outside my window. bouganvillaIt was full in bloom with the opening of spring. We waited about 7 minutes until someone left the beach, and not only did one car leave the beach within the first three spaces, but two other cars also left, freeing up three places. It seems our lesson of the day was patience, and it paid off triple.

As we walked down the beach to our special spot where Gregg likes to give gratitude in meditation, we poked fun at each other as we often do. I talked about my dream last night of a very fair skinned man with blondish white hair (very Nordic) who had stayed in the sun a little too long and had gotten sunburned on one side of his face. He wouldn’t be going to the beach with us because he had gotten too much sun already in my dream. I thought I might see him at the beach, so I was checking out the people while walking.

As we reached the area where we would meditate, we noticed many people bent over at the water’s edge searching for things. I walked over to them and asked what they were looking for, and a couple showed me some starfish. I looked around and didn’t find any starfish but I did notice something pink, soft, and heart-shaped in the sand calling my name. It was a beautiful living coral, asking to meditate with us!photo (2)

When I told Gregg what they were looking at, he was concerned at the dead starfish washing up in the shore. Or were they dead? How can one tell if a starfish is dead, we wondered? If they were dead, that was alarming to think of what caused it.

I also found a huge abalone shell and a smaller white shell to go with our Arkansas quartz crystal and double terminated amethyst crystal (crown chakra color) we brought to make a prayer and intention grid out of, along with our heart living coral. Of course we planned to return them to the beach before we left.

In our pre-equinox meditation, Gregg was using Ho’oponopono (Hawaiian Code of Forgiveness) by thanking, apologizing, giving gratitude and love to the Creator, Universe, spirit guides and guardian angels, friends and family on both sides of the veil, our galactic neighbors and friends, and Mother Earth. I grounded myself into the crystal core of mother earth.  Then I connected with Creator through my hara line and received a message.

The body itself is a stargate, and the center is in the heart chakra. The hara line and grounding line bring the energies into a torus or sunburst out of the heart center, like a cross. The spring equinox will bring forth energies that, if those that are aware and intend, can align themselves with and open up their own personal stargate within their cross. By opening this stargate, all of the answers of the Universe would be available within the heart center.

I opened my eyes and said to Gregg, “the body is a stargate”. He showed me that he had re-arranged our grid into a star pattern while I was meditating. He then shared with me that while we were meditating, he got hit in the eye with a paddle ball! He had been sitting in contemplation as to why he was interrupted in meditation and got hit with a ball in his eye. We were tucked away in a sweet little spot under a tree, and out of all of the people on the beach, he got hit. He said that he felt like he “took one for the team”, so that I would not have been interrupted. I was closer to the kids playing paddle ball than he was, and I had no idea of what was happening. I then realized that he must have needed to rearrange the grid into a star pattern before I opened my eyes as a confirmation for my stargate message. Bless him! His eye is fine….

At 12:57 EST, we both began a meditation intending the change we would like to see on the planet. Since Gregg and I have similar wishes, I listened to him speak his intentions aloud, and I joined my heart centered energy with his words. We intended for those who have committed crimes against humanity  to be stopped and held accountable for what they have done, and we intended for humanity to begin life on a new earth free of tyranny and control. We also asked for health, wealth, and abundance for everyone, ending homelessness and starvation. He reached for the coral heart.

I meditated silently on grounding my energies once again to mother earth, to her core crystal, and connected to the sun and then to Creator through my hara line. I was holding a double terminated amethyst.rsz_amethyst (2) The clouds seemed to part at just that moment and I felt the warmth of the sun on my crown chakra, through the tree branches. I intended to ground the special energies coming to the planet from the great central sun through our sun and into my crown chakra, then out of my stargate. The energies from my heart space then turned green as I sent it out to envelope the planet. I surrounded the whole planet with this energy straight from my heart.

Then I felt as if I had done my “job” and I gave thanks and opened my eyes. Gregg was holding the live coral heart and asked me to put it in my hand and to send the energies into the living being so that when we put it back into the ocean it would vibrate into the water. I placed it in the palm of my hand and he placed his hand over the top of it. I then placed my amethyst on the top of his hand and place my other hand on top of that, sandwiching his hand, the heart, and the amethyst. I said out loud, “this is the heart of mother earth”. Gregg repeated our earlier equinox intentions, and it brought tears to my eyes. We sent loving and healing energies into the heart and then I gently released it into the water. I knew our energy together was powerful and would infiltrate the water all the way around and through the earth.

On the way back from our meditation, a lady passed us with bright pink shorts, close to the color of the bougainvillea. Gregg was the first one to notice that within her bright pink and white checked pattern there was one box on her rear cheek that had a starburst pattern. There was just one starburst out of the whole rear of her shorts. (I suppose the Universe has a sense of humor?) We had not put the synchronicities completely together with the STARfish, the STARgate, and the STARburst until right then. I was glad the lady in the bright pink shorts with the starburst on her rear caught Gregg’s attention!

I also realized about that time that the Nordic with a sunburn on half of his face was a Pleiadian guide of mine who was letting me know he would be on the beach with me in spirit, but not in the physical because he was too sunburned. It’s silly how dreams can bring you messages.

May everyone shine like the star that they are. Namaste’ from Gregg, myself, In5d, and Cosmic Starseeds.

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