A Cosmic Approach To Vegetarianism

vegby Michelle Walling, CHLC
Guest writer, BodyMindSoulSpirit.com

I am still eating meat. Although I have cut certain types of meat out of my diet, I am consciously trying to reprogram my DNA in preparation for cutting it out altogether. In this article, I share some important things you need to know from both sides of the fence on Vegetarianism.

DNA programming for meat

I grew up on meats and potatoes, chicken, and hamburgers. My grandfather used to cook outside on a great big smoker pit at least twice a month and all of the family would gather around on a Sunday to feast on the goods. It was a gluttonous day fit for kings and as I look back I can see that even my father carried forth the habit of having a preference for meat and potatoes. Steak and homemade French fries in Crisco Oil was the most delicious thing he made my sister and I. However, none of these people I mention are here today to talk about these times, as they all died in their early fifties.

Most of my generation grew up on fast food here in the U.S.. While I was in high school and college hamburger and fries were a staple in my diet. As a mother with a small child, I often resorted to driving through the fast food place to provide dinner on my way home from work because I was too tired to go to the grocery store or to cook. In short, my bloodline DNA carries codes meat and potatoes, and that is what satisfied my body at the time.

Was nature always aggressive?

Nature is messed up. While writing this article, I am looking out of the window reflecting on the birds. The snow, which is a rarity in Texas, has covered the ground. The birds usually are able to feed in the grass with small insects, worms, seeds, and the like. I noticed that the birds were freaking out with the layers of snow and ice on the ground, so I found some organic seeds for them to munch on. I spread them out on the back porch and proceeded to wait until the first bird figured out that there was food there.

Apparently there is a hierarchy in birds. Once the first bird found the food, others started flying in to get a piece of the pie. That first bird wasn’t having any of that, and spent more time fighting off the other birds than feeding itself. Eventually the bird got outnumbered and lots of other birds came to steal a few seeds and ran. At one point it became very chaotic and wasn’t that much fun to watch!

The aggression in nature is within carnivorous animals as well. At one point in time, I am going to guess about 12,000 years ago, animals were introduced that were aggressive meat eaters. I would even say that even back to the time of the dinosaurs it may be true that some of them were carnivores. However I don’t know about the dinosaurs, for I do not remember being there at that time. But I do see the predatory nature of animals here in my lifetime, and I do know that there is enough evidence that most life was wiped out off of the planet when Atlantis sank or when the great flood occurred, however you want to look at it.

The story of Noah’s ark in the bible was most likely a spaceship, but it could have also been a large boat built with the help of extraterrestrial technology. The probability that DNA was gathered from the animals rather than the animals being herded into a boat two by two is most likely to be true. For those who wanted to insert aggression and hierarchy into our template to make humans feel like they are the top of the food chain, this would have been a good time to mess with the DNA of these animals in order to insert a carnivorous diet. Then as the surviving humans and animals emerged from underground and in caves, the fight was on for survival. The new versions of humans and animals were probably also dropped off from spaceships to join in on the new adventure.

Humans in certain locations had to rely on hunting animals to survive. Even though extraterrestrials weren’t supposed to get involved in the natural progression of humans, since the flood there were no crops and cannibalism was even starting to take root. Some of the ET’s dropped off seeds for crops like corn and wheat, and taught the primitive humans how to make successful crops. This allowed humans to stop roaming and make a nice cozy hut for their family but there was still an animal instinct within them to supplement their meals with animals if they wandered into their vicinity.

I have seen a change taking place with the animals. You can see many different types of animals loving each other on my Facebook page called “Watch Mother Nature”, where I post many beautiful nature related observations. On this page you can witness cats lying with birds and dogs lying with squirrels. There have been remarkable acts of consciousness proven such as ducks that took humans’ job away from them by getting food out of a fish feeder at parks to feed the fish with their beaks. Another example is a deer innocently playing chase with dogs just as if they were brothers. It is clear that something is really changing on this planet for the better.

Vibration attributes

A really good reason to reason to try to cut animal meat out of your diet has to do with vibrational frequency. Everything is energy vibrating at a certain “speed”. Fast moving animals are going to have a higher vibration than slow moving animals, and will have less fat as well. Chicken and fish are at a higher frequency while beef and pork are at the lower end. The old saying “you are what you eat” has proven itself with me personally. I can feel the way my body reacts to hamburgers vs. fish.

Pigs are the slowest vibrational meat we can eat. Listen to your body after eating pork like ham and bacon, and see how you feel. As Earth raises her vibrational level, your level is adjusting with her. It would be natural for you to feel sluggish after eating pork if it takes your body back down to a slower vibration. I have cut pork completely out of my diet, however some people seem to be immune to it or just eat it every now and then.

As our DNA gets activated we will be able to communicate with the animals once again. Eating meat would be a gift if the animal offers itself up to become a part of you. You would not be able to eat an animal you have befriended any more than you would be able to eat your own pet. You also begin to realize that you feel better eating higher vibrational meats and you have more “energy”.

Canned meats

I would like to say to stay away from canned fish, chicken, and beef but at this moment we are facing a financial collapse and you may need these items to feed your family. Canned tuna fish is currently my number one favorite source of protein at this and I try to buy the select premium white albacore in water.

All fish is most likely tainted with mercury and now possibly radiation, so I try to eat Atlantic at least to reduce the risk. I am not suggesting tuna because fishies have consciousness too, but I am at least moving away from red meat. When you cannot get these things at the supermarket anymore then humanity will adapt to growing their own vegetables and fruits which will cause a natural solution to eating tainted meats.

I do have a good stock of canned chicken and turkey chili on hand for emergency purposes because of the long shelf life. If the sh** were to hit the fan, for a while I wouldn’t mind eating these things rather than have the feeling of hunger and weakness.

Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin is an autistic woman showed us what the future may be like when we can feel what animals feel. There is even a great movie about her by the same name “Temple Grandin”.

Here is an excerpt on Temple from Wikipedia:

“Grandin is a prominent and widely cited proponent of the rights of autistic persons and of animal welfare. She has lectured widely about her first-hand experiences of the anxiety of feeling threatened by everything in her surroundings, and of being dismissed and feared, which motivates her work in humane livestock handling processes. She studied the behavior of cattle, how they react to ranchers, movements, objects and light. Grandin then designed adapted curved corrals, intended to reduce stress, panic and injury in animals being led to slaughter. Her business website promotes improvement of standards in slaughter plants and livestock farms. In 2004 she won a ‘Proggy’ award in the “Visionary” category, from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.”

Some people raise cows, chickens, goats, and other animals in a loving manner and even though they may have a hard time killing them for food, they do it with love in order to feed their family organically. I would say that this is acceptable now but in the future, we will have to wait and see. When that animal communicates with you with intelligence you may have a hard time killing it. It might be in humanity’s best interest to start weaning off of it now.
We can wean ourselves off fast or slow, it’s different for different people

If you are still eating meat, that is ok. The last thing you want to do is to feel guilty about living in a programmed system that was set up before you were even born. Like I mentioned before, if your parents and their parents before them all ate meat then it would be a natural thing for you to crave meat as well. It seems to be much easier for children to follow in the footsteps of vegetarian parents and this is the trend that I am suggesting we take for the future.

Society has not taught us how to be organic farmers and most of the population currently lives in dense packed cities full of pollution, with fluoridated water and chemtrail laden soil. But that will all change as awareness comes into humanity’s minds.

One thing you can do for now is to thank the animal for allowing you to eat it, for its energy becomes a part of you when you do. You can send love into your food to change the vibration and this was proven by Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments on the vibration of words and their effect on various organisms. This is especially a good method to use if you are financially challenged and have to resort to inexpensive meats for your family. I won’t even tell you what I saw on Facebook about what the “All American Food”- hot dogs are made of; it is just not pleasant at all. We can all certainly do better than that today.

There are many great substitutes for protein besides animals. You can do your own research, but peanut butter and other nut butters, organic raw nuts, organic veggies, organic eggs, hemp milk, beans (and lentils) and sprouted grain bread are some of my favorites.

Plants have consciousness too!

The old argument that plants have consciousness too is used in justification by those who still eat meat. The difference is that plants were introduced into the organic earth template specifically for human consumption as well as for the nature cycle for other animals to feed on. A plant consciousness knows before incarnating into the plant group mind that it is serving as part of an ecological system, which means it will be eaten and it gets to go on a new adventure as a part of whatever ate it. Just as anything you eat, it is a great idea to show gratitude and love to the consciousness for the plant you are eating, for that only helps to raise the vibration of what you are ingesting.

In conclusion

Everything outside of ourselves is a reflection of what is inside, and it is said that we carry the Universe within us. We may be eating the aggression and survival instinct energy when we eat animals, and this comprises of a lower vibration than what the earth is humming at this time. If we want to change the Universe within us in order to change that which is reflected outside of us, we have to be the consciousness that realizes this is possible and begin to make changes as a species.

The main thing to remember right now is that non organic meats come from animals that are often treated horribly and are pumped with antibiotics and steroids, which go straight to our bodies. As we digest this meat, our bodies treat the inorganic chemicals and toxins as an enemy attack. It sends the troops out to fight and protect in the form of inflammation and in some cases cancer. Our organs have to work overtime to try to pull these toxins out of our bodies. If you must eat meat, make sure it is organic, meaning the animals are drug free and not grown in a slaughterhouse.

I am here writing these observations to you from an awakened standpoint. I have eaten meat all of my life and still eat very little organic beef, chicken, and tuna fish. Even with all of the things I have eaten, I was still able to wake up and slowly change my eating habits. I do try to offset the mercury and radiation my body may take in from canned tuna and other proteins with holistic measures. We are somewhat in survival mode at this point, where we are trying to choose the lesser of two evils. However, once again that too will change as things get torn apart and reset for the better.

I am living proof that you will awaken no matter what your diet is if you are meant to. Of course what you do after that point is a choice based on information now available form many great websites such as www.bodymindsoulspirit.com. I am also proof that when you learn to being centered and grounded with the planet and treat her as a sentient, loving being, your body begins to heal and overcome years of damage done to it. It also has a better chance of fighting the poisons that are being forced upon us at this time. This is the way we will survive against the machine that is controlling us behind the curtain, and even though we hear of these things, we are still here today.

Try not to over think these things too much and try not to be too strict on yourself if you cannot follow these guidelines at this time. It is still all a personal choice and planning for change is sometimes all we can do in the present moment until a majority of humanity agrees to make these kinds of changes in society. The planet is working with us to change the vibration so that harmful things will not be in tune with her and will not be allowed to continue on a long term basis.

Metaphysically speaking, humanity used to be able to live off of prana energy. Eating was a treat and our bodies were designed to process a small amount of seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Many people are beginning to take up sungazing in the early mornings or sunsets, when the sun is at an angle where it is not damaging to the eyes. We all carry an infinite source of energy within ourselves. The key to relying less on food and more on organic energy for survival is to remember who we are and how to strengthen that connection to the Source of this infinite energy.

I have heard the call from mother nature to begin to communicate with the animals and work with them as they awaken, too. Some species on the planet may have to leave just like some of the people on the planet who will not be able to awaken or change their actions. What I do know for sure is that I can see changes already occurring and I ask you to join me in the conscious nurturing of Gaia at this time.


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