The Cosmic Awakening Show: Psychic Healing With Cindy Staffin

July 3 Psychic HealingWe had a great show with psychic healer Cindy Staffin! Topics were: the amazing accuracy of Michelle’s reading last year, how Cindy works, and examples of her work with several callers that received very valuable information on their life path! Cindy’s website is! Continue reading

The Cosmic Awakening Show Presents Extraterrestrial Encounters

June 26 ExtraterrestrailHosts Michelle Walling and Rockin’ Larry Locken have a special episode of the Cosmic Awakening Show:  Extraterrestrial Encounters. We dedicated this show for guests who have had E.T. experiences. Our space brothers ans sisters are here to help us and are showing themselves to us. Callers talked about messages for humanity and spoke about personal contact. Three hours jam packed of encounters. Continue reading

The Cosmic Awakening Show: Exploring Universal Law with Tyler Biedebach

June 12In this show, hosts Michelle Walling and Larry Locken explored Universal law with special guest Tyler Biedebach. We looked at what the world looks like when Universal Law is not followed, and we expanded this concept to a Universal scale. We discussed each Universal Law in detail and talked about how a Council of Elders could be voted in for the best interest of humanity.

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The Cosmic Awakening Show- All about Crystals with Adrienne Goff

June 5 2014Join Hosts Michelle Walling and Rocken’ Larry Locken for “All About Crystals with Adrienne Goff”! Adrienne is a master healer and crystal expert and will be sharing her vast knowledge of crystals. Topic will include: how to clear crystals, programming crystals, tuning into crystals, how to use crystals in emotional work, healing with crystals, spiritual activation with crystals, manifestation with the help of crystals, and the properties of various stones. We will be taking callers with any questions you may have about your crystals and the use of them on your spiritual path. Continue reading

The Cosmic Awakening Show with First Contact Radio’s Joshua Poet

May 29 2014In5d radio presents The Cosmic Awakening Show! Join hosts Michelle Walling and Rockin’ Larry Locken as we interview Joshua Poet from First Contact Radio! Our topics will include Astrology, the Kaballah, numerology, music, ascension, and how they all connect. Joshua will discuss how seeing the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind affected him as a child and led him to UFO studies to the present day. First Contact is a hot topic that we will delve into, and we will take callers who may wish to share their first contact experience or ask a question about one of the great topics we will discuss.

First Contact Radio:

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Pleiadian Talk With Gregg Prescott with hosts Larry Locken and Michelle Walling

torusRocken’ Larry Locken interviewed Gregg Prescott and Michelle Walling of about a hot topic that everyone needs to think about. It is based on the article Gregg wrote on In5d:  Confirmed By Two Sources, Is This Our Last Chance? Gregg and Michelle follow up on this article with additional information received about the destiny of souls and explain the reasoning behind publishing it.

The article can be found here:  Confirmed By Two Sources: This Is Our Last Chance | Continue reading

Pleiadian Talk with Larry Locken, Michelle Walling, and Missy Dee

Angelic_Light_1_1274088098Synchronicity brought our guest Missy Dee to us tonight. Missy has been in contact with her guides at a very young age and shares information with humanity about how living a simple life combined with healthy eating has kept her and her son from ever having to go to a doctor, except for her N.D.E during childbirth. We also discuss how to help those caught in the astral plane move into the light. Continue reading

Pleiadian Talk! Special Edition with Rockin’ Larry Locken and Michelle Walling

5d-spiritual-terms-4Urgent question: are you fulfilling your mission? Today on the show Michelle Walling shared with us her thoughts about recent synchronicity experiences in which people are being contacted by their guides with urgent messages. These messages include whether we are fulfilling our missions and whether humanity is going to make it as a species. We discuss the important things you need to know about being a Lightworker or Starseed and how stepping into your power is much needed right now. Continue reading