Pleiadian Talk With Gregg Prescott with hosts Larry Locken and Michelle Walling

torusRocken’ Larry Locken interviewed Gregg Prescott and Michelle Walling of about a hot topic that everyone needs to think about. It is based on the article Gregg wrote on In5d:  Confirmed By Two Sources, Is This Our Last Chance? Gregg and Michelle follow up on this article with additional information received about the destiny of souls and explain the reasoning behind publishing it.

The article can be found here:  Confirmed By Two Sources: This Is Our Last Chance | Continue reading

Pleiadian Talk with Larry Locken, Michelle Walling, and Missy Dee

Angelic_Light_1_1274088098Synchronicity brought our guest Missy Dee to us tonight. Missy has been in contact with her guides at a very young age and shares information with humanity about how living a simple life combined with healthy eating has kept her and her son from ever having to go to a doctor, except for her N.D.E during childbirth. We also discuss how to help those caught in the astral plane move into the light. Continue reading

Pleiadian Talk! Special Edition with Rockin’ Larry Locken and Michelle Walling

5d-spiritual-terms-4Urgent question: are you fulfilling your mission? Today on the show Michelle Walling shared with us her thoughts about recent synchronicity experiences in which people are being contacted by their guides with urgent messages. These messages include whether we are fulfilling our missions and whether humanity is going to make it as a species. We discuss the important things you need to know about being a Lightworker or Starseed and how stepping into your power is much needed right now. Continue reading

The Cosmic Awakening Show with Special Guest Julien Wells

May 22 2014 julien Wells

Join Hosts Michelle Walling and Rockin’ Larry Locken for a special show on the Pleiadian Collective with special guest Julien Wells! We will discuss how Julien talks with them, who he actually is in contact with, what he has accomplished on his path, and how he is integrating more and more Pleiadian consciousness. We will also discuss Julien’s service providing sessions to help people on their spiritual path at this very exciting time of being present on the planet as we make it through this shift! Continue reading

The Cosmic Awakening Show: All About Hemp, Cannabis, and Marijuana

May 15 2014Join hosts Michelle Walling and Larry Locken as we tackle one of the most controversial topics!

Topics we will discuss: Legalization of marijuana, GMO marijuana, hemp/cannabis oil cure for cancer, Henry Ford’s suppressed hemp car, uses for the hemp plant, Dr. Emoto’s use of hemp for radiation clean up at Fukushima, and much. much more!

We welcome activists, experts, and anyone with helpful information on this expansive topic.

Special thanks to cannabis/hemp activist Steve Danks. Here is Steve’s info: and

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Pleiadian Express Productions Presents Pleiadian Talk with Guest Michelle Walling

Pleiadian Express Productions presents Pleiadian Talk with host Larry Locken May 12, 2014

Today on Pleiadian Talk Michelle Walling Joins me to discuss her free E-book on ascension and in what is the most riveting and insightful interview to come from Pleiadian Express Productions yet! Michelle and Larry discuss in great detail the various points that all 11 parts of her book go into..Michelle’s free E-book is available on PDF format here:

This is an audio only program:


The Cosmic Awakening Show May 8, 2014 With Special Guest Psychic Natalie Arkins

May 8The Cosmic Awakening show with hosts Michelle Walling and Larry Locken delve into psychic powers and how to awaken your own gifts and abilities. Psychic Natalie Arkins  discusses her background in science, dna, genetics, and how to merge it with metaphysical and spiritual energies in order to tap into the ether. In the second half of our show, Natalie gave free mini readings to callers using tarot and the elementals. Continue reading

The Cosmic Awakening Show May 1, 2014 with special guest Gregg Prescott

May 1In5d’s Cosmic Awakening radio show hosts Michelle Walling and Larry Locken cover a number of awakening topics including soul origins, the history of the Pleiades and life on earth, soul families, UFO sightings, and ascension. This week’s guest is Gregg Prescott, M.S. of In5d radio,,, and Gregg discusses the astrology of the time- Pluto in Capricorn and how it is tearing down our old way of living. We also discuss the template for the Alternative Holistic Healthcare clinic that Gregg and Michele are working on in Sarasota, Florida. Continue reading