How Erin Waage Holistically Beat Candida- The Cosmic Awakening Show

Erin Waage before and after

Michelle Walling interviewed Erin Waage, who was literally faced with death due to a severe candida overgrowth (systemic candidiasis). The doctors she had seen for my condition were only adding to the problem. It wasn’t till she took full responsibility for her own health in a holistic manner that she began to heal. We discuss the holistic methods for clearing the candida as well as detoxification for many other things, including our organs. Continue reading

Cosmic Awakening Show- Returning To Atlantis With Paula Bates

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Host Michelle Walling Interviews author and past life regression therapist Paula Bates about her new book, Atlantean Echoes. Paula’s memories of having a life in Atlantis began to surface after having a group regression therapy session under the direction of Brian Weiss, and since then she has focused on bringing this information forward. Michelle asks many questions about the time of Atlantis and how if correlates to the time we are in now. Continue reading

Why We Need a Esoteric, Metaphysical and Spiritual Database

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Karen Kan invites Michelle Walling of in5d to be a guest on her show:

I don’t know about you but I LOVE learning new things- especially when it comes to holistic healing and spiritual growth. There is SO much great information out there I continue to be astounded by what I continue to find. In doing my own research I came across a really cool database that I think you are going to love: Continue reading

Galactic Origins- Pamela Aaralyn and Michelle Walling

Pamela Aaralyn Galactic OriginsPamela Aaralyn interviews Michelle Walling from In5D’s Cosmic Awakening Show about starseeds, galactic origins, ascension and a deep discussion of how starseeds can better integrate into their more grounded human reasons for being on planet earth. Let’s so “far out” into all realms of the ether, but then venture into how to be our best HUMAN selves. Recorded LIVE on SpreeCast. Continue reading

Cosmic Awakening Show- The New Human With Mary Rodwell

Mary Rodwell

Host Michelle Walling brings back Mary Rodwell to discuss one of her favorite topics: Star Children and the New Humans!

Mary is the author of “Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Change your life (2002)”, and is working on a new book to be released this year- “The New Humans”. Continue reading

Dr. Simon Atkins Returns To In5d With An Energy Update

Simon Atkins 2016

Dr. Simon Atkins returned to In5d’s Cosmic Awakening show on March 24, 2016  to give an energy update with host Michelle Walling. Simon is a climate risk economist, a planetary threat forecaster, solar expert, and energy medicine doctor. Simon is also an informant for the people, a spiritual pacifist and modern-day “business-monk”. You could call him a ‘compassionate fighter’ for sovereign freedom with a goal to move the planet forward. Simon lives in Uruguay yet travels constantly around the globe.

The following is a summary of the main topics of the show:

With the March energy fluctuations as reported by Diane Canfield on In5d, the planet has been bombarded with geomagnetic storms. This causes a wild variety of effects on our bodies. Many people have been reporting heart palpitations, chest pains, and even sleep apnea that causes near death experiences from the heart stopping for up to two minutes. It is postulated that the heart chakra is being opened up forcefully in order to calibrate with Earth’s heartbeat as she raises her frequency. Michelle performed a quick healing and balancing mantra to bring the listeners back into balance with the energies occurring at the time of the broadcast.

Why do bad things continue to happen to spiritually awakened people who think they are doing their work? Another great discussion in this show created a new term that Michelle called the “ghost effect”. Michelle thinks that not all bad things and repeating patterns are necessarily pointing to lessons. Simon explained that our experience is multidimensional and quantum, therefore we are closely connected with other “Simons” and other “Michelles” in parallel realities. A lot of the things that are occurring are “bleed overs” from the parallel realities as we continue to merge or collapse these realities. In other words, another “Michelle” may not be aware of what she is creating in her reality and the present, awake, and aware Michelle may be cleaning the mess up by choosing to experience the problem in this lifetime and then by choosing a higher way of dealing with the situation it transmuted the energy. It is important to not get discouraged by thinking that you are stuck in some kind of repeating hell.

The intergalactic and electromagnetic wave of energy that Simon termed “Wave X” came through like a freight train in October 2015. The after effects transformed many people with new psychic abilities and shed light on things that were once hidden. Old timelines began to crumble away and new webs were spun for higher vibrational shifting. Wave X prepared us for the immense tweaking that we are receiving now through the full moon, lunar eclipse, spring solstice, and geomagnetic storm onslaught, all rolled up into a nice neat package for March.

Simon confirmed that not only have the Anunnaki returned, but he knows many people who are incarnated Anunnaki. He explained how the Anunnaki got a bad rap for the things that they did, and that the ascended ones are truly enlightened and loving.

Michelle discussed the three ways she has uncovered that ascension planned to occur. She asked Simon his opinion of how it will occur and his response is that it will be individuals working on themselves, then coming together in small groups to create new realities, and one day waking up in that new reality.

Earth is not completely imprisoned anymore. There are ways out if you raise your frequency and consciousness and become “invisible” to others. Simon and Michelle discussed real life situations explaining this, and how to make yourself visible by raising the other person’s frequency in that now moment.

Find out more about these topics and more, including important questions from Facebook that Michelle asked toward the end of the show.

Here are some helpful links that we talked about in the show:– to see Michelle in London and Paris in May– to see Michelle in Finland

The Skyaia Show- Dr. Atkins is on his 76th Episode!

Cosmic Awakening Show – Light Alchemy And Freedom With Richard Yiap

Join host Michelle Walling as she interviews world travelers Richard Yiap and Sian Chua, who are best known as Pandora Star light alchemists. (Sian was unable to join us on the show).

Topics include:

  • What is the Pandora Light and how does it work?
  • 2016 – theme for this year is Freedom
  • Quantum Light Alchemy DNA activation
  • Travels with Richard and Sian: Sacred Light Journeys – at sacred sites, group contact with ETs, healing experiences and testimony
  • Transcending Lack and Abundance for Lightworkers
  • Spiritual Conscious Parenting and future prosperity for teenagers

Find out more about Richard and Sian on their website

Find out more about Michelle Walling here:

In5d Network Episode 18 Update With Star Traveler Elena Kapulnik

Episode 18

In5d’s Michelle Walling catches up with Elena Kapulnik of Awakening Cosmic Reality Show on current events, including:
-Ray Kusalandich saying we will be picked up in September
-Planet X/Planet 9 and Nibiru
-Crystalline Cities
-The recent Keshe debate
-Earth as a living library template
-A personal saucer as a recreational video
-Is the Earth flat?
-Replicators and life on biospheres
-Gay and bisexual humans
-Complete disclosure of extraterrestrial life
-Chemtrail flu- how to overcome it
-Elena’s recent trip to the Canadian hospital
-Declaring your sovereignty and intentions for Earth
-Corey Goode and the Secret Space Program
-Michelle’s trip to Finland, London, and Paris in May
-Growing plants with crystal fragments in the soil

Visit Elena’s website at…

The website for the panel in Finland is although is isn’t current as of the release date of this video.

To attend a meetup in London or Paris in May 2016 with Michelle visit

Check out more information about Michelle Walling on the following alternative media sites:

Cosmic Awakening Show Presents Starseed Origins With Pamela Aaralyn

Pamela Aaralyn

Join Host Michelle Walling as she discusses Starseed Origins with Pamela Aaralyn. Pamela began seeing auras, visions, spiritual beings and energy as a whole at the early age of five. Her world was full of colors, shapes and beings that no one else around her could see. Once colors were seen around people, she begin to sense more and more information about their personalities, emotions, physical and mental well being, spiritual well being and even had visions about their futures. She got messages from higher dimensional beings around them (spirit guides and angel beings). After having an experience with an archangel, she also was able to channel ascended beings, the higher self of living people and spirit guides. Her current favorite deities or ascended beings to channel are: Yeshua (Jesus), Kali Maa, Mary Magdalene, Buddha, Krishna and an ascended being from the planet Andromeda, who goes by Astrea. Continue reading

In5d Network Episode 17 Do You Have To Be Thin To Ascend?

Episode 17

In this video, Michelle Walling shares a comment made about her and a co-worker as an example of the false guidance some people have around ascension and weight and/or physical traits such as race or looks. Some questions I answer are:

Do you have to be a certain weight or a vegetarian to ascend? How does your ET lineage affect your physical body you chose? How does your bloodline lineage and upbringing create your body as it is today? What will happen to help those who are struggling with weight? Why do some people carry more weight than others? How do you deal with judgmental people and comments? Continue reading