Cosmic Awakening Show- Actress and Model Vasilia Niles


Join host Michelle Walling as she talks to actress and model Vasilia Niles about life’s most cosmic topics.Vasilia is an eccentric and creative artist in many forms. She is not only beautiful but intelligent and metaphysical! Vasilia is also a practicing hypnotherapist who helps writers with writer’s block and stage actors and actresses with stage fright. Topics include:

-Modeling and acting in L.A.

-Hypnosis and how the Subconscious Mind Works

-Relaxation and Confidence Techniques

-Futurism and the hazards of new technology like implanting microchips inside our bodies

-PTSD and methods to help overcome it

-Importance of being in the moment and the relativity of happiness

-Importance of flow and how to enter it

-Ways of being in peace with self and others and letting go

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