Cosmic Awakening Show- Pure Bioenergy Healing With Zoran Hochstatter

Join host Michelle Walling as she interviews modern day “Jedi” Zoran Hochstatter, a master pure bioenergy healer. In this show, we discuss:

-Why and how he became a pure bioenergy healer

-What differentiates pure bioenergy healing from other forms of bioenergy healing and reiki?

-What is psychokinesis and how it plays a role in this healing method

-What is involved in a remote healing session and how can it be done at a distance?

-Will purebioenergy healing work on everyone and every illness?

-How to become a pure bioenergy healer

-What Zoran sees for humanity in 2016

-What other superpowers other than super healing and psychokinesis do we have the ability to tap into?

-How you can heal yourself as well as your family, loved ones, and pets

-How to change the structure of your food and drink to assist you

Zoran’s website is, and is our keynote speaker at our In5d Superpower Activation conference February 20, 2016 in Sarasota, FL. Here is the event website

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