Cosmic Awakening Show- Recent Energy Shifts With Diane Canfield

diane canfield 2Join host Michelle Walling as she discusses the latest energy shifts with ascension teacher and psychic clairvoyant medium Diane Canfield. In our last show, we discussed the huge wave of energy that swept in and out of the planet in September/October 2015, affecting every living thing on Earth. The waves have been coming one after another in rapid succession since then, and Diane has been reporting on these waves in her blog as she experiences them. We will summarize and expand on her experience with these last waves and we will talk about what’s happening right now- including the bizarre tornadoes that came through Florida in the early hours just a few days ago. Diane will also talk about how to keep your boat steady during these massive shifts, how to integrate the energy, and we will discuss how to recognize and strengthen the psychic and superpower abilities that are becoming online for all of humanity.
More topics include the economy, death, the first wave of ascension, healing your inner child, and how to raise your vibration.

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