Cosmic Awakening Show- Removing Implants With Eric Raines and Lynn Williams

Removing Implants

Host Michelle Walling talks with Eric Raines and Lynn Williams about removing implants. Healer Eric Raines has recently found his ability to remove implants in person and etherically after a trip to Mt. Shasta. He will describe what a session is like in detail and how he wants to teach as many people as possible to do this in order to help humanity. Lynn Williams is a healer and a transformational life and spiritual coach who has had her implants removed recently by Eric. She will be sharing her experience with the listeners. Lynn is also assisting Eric in creating a teacher protocol for this method so that it can be shared with those who want to learn this method. Michelle Walling will share her experience with a remote session with Eric.

Some areas of discussion are:

-What are implants and are they etheric or physical?

-Where did they come from?

-Who has them?

-Will they return?

-How to neutralize them

-What are the most common places and types of implants?

-How to learn to remove implants on yourself and others

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