Cosmic Awakening Show- Special Edition- AWAKENING 101 With Cohost Fernando Vossa

awakening 101This is a special event show free for everyone! Michelle Walling and Fernando Vossa of Searle Magnetics will present Awakening 101, which is a topic many people are needing to understand as the masses of humanity awaken to who they are and why they are here. Topics will include awakening symptoms, the dark night of the soul, what to tell your friends and family, the 11:11 phenomena, synchronicity, and basic awakening terminology and practices. We will also talk about the exciting changes Searle Magnetics will be bringing to humanity this year, as this is THE year to advance in leaps and bounds.

We will be taking your calls in the second half of the show. We already have two special guest callers lined up to share their experiences with you:

Bryony Rolf will be joining us from the UK. Bryony is a meditation teacher and light healer and has great information to share about beginning practices.

So, you are awake but you want to know where to go from here? Tune in and hang on, because we all have a very important job to do!

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