Cosmic Awakening Show- Terra Papers Revisited With Robert Morningsky

Robert Morninsky Terra Papers

Join host Michelle Walling as she welcomes Robert Morningsky to the Cosmic Awakening Show! Robert will be discussing how the Terra Papers morphed into The Lost History Of Womankind, the name of Robert’s most recent book. Over the years, Robert says that many versions of his thesis, The Terra Papers were modified and put up on the internet without his consent or permission, and he will explain the truth about the REAL papers. Robert will also discuss his ongoing research in science, history, and linguistics to corroborate with his Terra Papers, and some of his findings, which include:

-Did UFO’s and extraterrestrials really ever exist?

-The lost history of Yoga

-Never before revealed information from the true Terra Papers

-The suppression of the GODDESS

-The true purpose and destiny of men and women in “life”

-Robert’s gathering in February- “The Lost Culture of Womankind”

You can find out more about Robert Morningsky on his website:

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