Could An Electrical Grid Failure Be a Blessing?

grid-failureBy Michelle Walling, CHLC

Is it possible that a CME, EMP, or any other act of God could bring a DNA upgrade? What would you do in the event of a total electrical grid loss? How does the loss of electricity tie to a possible DNA upgrade?

There are many theories as to what would cause an electrical grid loss. Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP’s), solar flares, the sun’s polarity shift, and “terrorism” are just a few of the hot topics. This article is not about fear mongering or prepping although preparing for a short period without electricity is always a good idea.

Most of the cosmic energy that is meant for us to receive in order to reactivate our DNA may be being blocked by those whose primary agenda is the continuation of domination, control, and tyranny on this planet. Earth’s vibrational resonance or electromagnetic field, is at 7.83 hertz per second. When humans increase their vibrational frequency of 7.83 hertz in prayer and meditation, it creates a space in which they can move into higher levels of dimensions. This can be achieved in a meditative state, which opens the doorways to knowledge and healing. This space is the definition of the phrase “all of the answers are within”. Those of power do not want humanity to discover this secret doorway.

What we have been doing in our ascension is raising our vibration gradually with the help of the energy coming from the center of the cosmos, where our Creator exists. What if this energy came through full strength all of the sudden to raise our vibration? Would it be the key to unlocking our “junk DNA” codes? The secrets of the universe lie within these extra DNA strands, which were genetically deactivated at the time of the fall of Atlantis approximately 12,500 years ago.

What are the implications of everyone being able to heal at this level of vibration? We would no longer need big pharma and the medical industry would change to focus on holistic ways of keeping our bodies at this level of vibration. What if we could be at a state of walking meditation all of the time? We would take our power back and gain our freedom. What if we could visit other levels of dimensions or other cosmoses by being tapped into this frequency? We have done this before and will one day remember how to do this again.

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The creator’s plan all along, from the very beginning of “the fall” of vibrational frequency on earth, was to have an “event” which would restore the vibrational frequency. We can only speculate what this “event” is, as it seems that it is to be a surprise! The cabal could be the cause of blocking the signal to reactivating our DNA through ELF waves (Extremely Low Frequencies), and have planned for thousands of years to play their “ace in the hole” in this very lifetime.. The main sources of these signals exist through electrical currents via cell phone, wi-fi, televisions, radios, and HAARP. The amount of EMF frequency has been measured to be 100 times more than normal!

ISON increased brightness by threefold. It is heading toward earth at increasing speeds. The comparison to “winged” crop circle images is uncanny, and can be interpreted as a marker of changes to come.

The timing or likelihood of an electrical outage is not certain, but it is always a good idea to be prepared. Prophecies of comets and sun polar shifts has been linked to major change on this planet, including the prophecies of the HOPI, and we have had many comets come and go. However never before have we had the alignment of the Earth with the center of the cosmos coupled with the raising of awareness in humanity. Time shall tell, and in case of an electrical power outage your main focus should be on how you handle yourself and where your thoughts are.

Anyone reading this article has probably been on an awakening path and is familiar with the saying “thoughts are energy”. Those on a spiritual path have been educated on the manifestation of their reality by their own perception- change your thoughts and you change your perception.

If there was a complete loss of the electrical grid, the cabal’s tools of blocking the alpha wave frequency vibration would be inoperable. It is possible that the integration of the strong energy waves we are in alignment with at this time could unlock the codes of the extra DNA we carry.

The following suggestions might be followed in order to sync with these energies coming to us through our sun from the great central sun:

1. Ground, ground, and ground. There are many ways of grounding that will begin to connect you with the vibration of the planet.

2. Meditate and run your energy. There are many ways of mediating and it is best to find one that feels right to you. One method involves “running your energy.” Upon grounding, the first step is to take several deep breaths and imagine pulling the energy up from Mother Earth through your root chakra to your sexual chakra, then through your sacral chakra to your heart chakra. Doing the work now to practice this method is crucial to the level of energy your body can handle. If you are experiencing any blocked energy in your lower chakras, cutting energetic cords and clearing low vibrational energies by bringing in the high vibrational light is vital. The second step involves bringing in this high vibrational white light energy down that we are all connected to from the crown chakra through the third eye and then through the throat chakra to the heart. The Earth’s energy meets the Creator’s energy in the Heart chakra. Remember, any form of meditation that works for you is completely acceptable and does not necessarily need to be altered.

3. Grow the heart chakra energy with intention. Imagine this expansion of YOU, of this blended energy, of “as above, so below” in the place where the cross intersects- the heart chakra. This area has a torus pattern, a constant flow of energy, and is the gateway to our cosmos and other cosmoses. The door to your DNA, your akashic records, lies within this space. How big can you expand your energy? Where do you want to explore? Who will meet you there?

Where you put your focus at the time of such event as a sudden electrical grid failure will determine if it manifests into a blessing of receiving pure light from our creator, finding yourself in “Heaven on Earth”. Those existing in fear could create a “hellish” situation, where all of their darkest fears manifest and where chaos rules. It is unlikely that the grid would stay down for an extended periods of time. There is work involved now in preparation for what may have been prophesized by many people and cultures in many different ways. There is hope that if this event were to unfold as expressed, this could very well be the great celebration that we have all been waiting for.

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