Extreme Polarity: Could the Illuminati be Serving Humanity?

extreme-illuminatiBy Michelle Walling, CHLC

Everyone on the planet is here to play a specific role at this time, and we all made the choice to incarnate. When viewing things from a broader perspective, the holographic program of Earth allows for life to be played out in order for souls to be able to complete their journey. Without the experience of physicality in duality and polarity, our souls would not have the opportunity to gravitate back to source in this round of Brahma.We chose to participate in this particular experience of Source

Part of the journey was to incarnate and to have a veil of forgetfulness of our origin and purpose. Eventually by recognizing that we were missing something in our lives, we would have a drive to figure out what would fill that empty hole within us. This mirrors the quest for Source to know itself by sending forth parts of itself to experience by allowing that consciousness to have free will to explore and create in a polarized playground.

Some souls were further tempted to see what it would be like to dabble in the “darker” end of polarity and some souls gravitated toward the “lighter” end of polarity. In a dualistic environment of creation, there has to be a good guy and a bad guy. In order for a bad guy to know himself, there has to be a good guy to compare himself to. Furthermore, some souls chose to experience polarity within the darkness; having duality within the dark existence and some chose to be polarized completely within the existence of light. So there are many levels of good and bad and our whole existence as humans has revolved around experiencing the good and bad, light and dark, up and down, etc. as this is what a polarized, dualistic free willed experience is set up for.

The Annunaki is posing as the Illuminati as part of Source’s experience

The Illuminati is the name given to the minions of the faction of the Annunaki which chose to experience the darker side of the game by trying to dominate and control Earth for their own use. The Illuminati is playing the role of the bad guy right now for those of us to be able to awaken to find the path away from this back to our origins of Source.

Some say that Source created this experiment to witness if we forgot who we were, how would we be able to remember and return home? Since we all carry a spark of Source within our heart center and since we all have emotion (energy in motion) that is driven by polarity, we can experience what does not feel good to us in order to define what feels comfortable or joyful. The lighter or joyful emotions are more in alignment with that part of us that is our true self, as Source exists in the vibration of love. This is the highest vibration in our cosmos, so as it turns out we would always return home eventually. The fun would lie in the journey based on the path we chose. Some paths are a fast track and roller coaster ride, which is apparently the ultimate thrill.

Some paths are also of complete service to Source in that perhaps a soul that is having this earthly experience isn’t an aspect of a soul trapped here, but instead is one that is here in a greater capacity, unaffected by the denseness and in full or partial remembrance of what he or she came here to do. These could be multidimensional beings of light sent by Source for support. There are millions of these beings (or more) with us that choose not to be a part of the physical experience, but to assist from the other side of the veil. Just as there is service in playing a role of the dark or the light, there is equal service in assisting through incarnation or from the spirit realms.

We are rescuing aspects of ourselves before “time runs out”

In the bigger picture, this lifetime is simply a blip in the existence of our soul and is occurring at the same “time” as our past and future lives. However, our soul has chosen to focus more of its consciousness to this particular lifetime in order to free parts of itself from an experience that grew too far out of polarity as free will became a destructive tool within the experience of humanity. There seems to be an urgency to accomplish this as “time” has in essence sped up to match the evolution of the planet herself.

Time travel made things even more complicated as our future selves teetered on the brink of extinction. Because of the glitches in programming, some decided to travel back in time to correct certain situations that would erase this possibility. The misuse of this technology created errors in the programming and created time travel wars that are beyond our human comprehension, ripping holes in the fabric of time and space. Fortunately it seems that there was always a plan in the end of this experience, no matter what happened, to bring things back from the expansion of wild and crazy hedonism and destruction back to the one unity in the frequency of love.

Are we trapped within the illusion?

If life is just a holographic illusion, then we can look at it as an experience. When we leave this body, we leave the physical and emotional domination and control that the planet has given us to experience. Or do we? Some say that we have been trapped within the quarantine of the planet’s shield, and are not able to return to share the experiences with our soul. Instead, we were forced back into incarnation so that the Illuminati energies could feed off of our energy, as if our physical bodies were energy generators for them.

If this is the case, then Earth is not serving the purpose its creators intended. Earth was created to be a seed planet, where life was seeded on it and the particular blueprint for life upon a planet of this DNA makeup could be replicated on other planets of similar makeup. After many incarnations of being trapped in forgetfulness, the folly was that with the denseness of the Annunaki projecting itself as the Illuminati and controlling humanity over the last several thousand years, many souls have trapped parts of themselves within the Earth’s plane.

Of course this is all just a linear, simplified, human analogy in order to be able to rationalize just why we are here and why we chose to get lost in denseness. It seems as though we may have chosen it so that we could rescue those parts of our soul that needed to converge back to the soul because we have turned the corner in this round of Brahma from the out breath now to returning on the in breath. Or perhaps we dabbled a bit too much in time travel in order to repair certain situations and messed things up worse than before we began our repairs. Whatever the case really is, we are moving toward remembrance of all that has happened to us so that we can gain a better understanding of how to move forward.

If we aren’t trapped, then why would we incarnate into this so called “hell”?

While some aspects of souls may be trapped, some old souls may have learned how to navigate past the tricks of the dark forces upon leaving a physical body and still chose to come back. This may bring up the question, “Why did I incarnate to this shithole again? These souls experienced many (probably thousands) of lifetimes on Earth and may have already ascended as “masters” of the earthly experience, and are here for the final countdown in order to help to raise the collective consciousness of humanity and the planet.

Will humanity awaken to free itself from the dark polarity?

Sadly, the majority of humanity is still lost in the denseness and has not been able to break out of the brilliant spell the Illuminati have placed on them. Unfortunately, polarity has gone to such an extreme that things had to get really uncomfortable toward the dark side in order to shake awareness into humans because of the power of the veil of forgetfulness, along with the grand job the Illuminati has done in playing its role. If this is the case, than the Illuminati could actually be serving humanity by shaking them to their very core in order to wake them up to the fact that something feels horribly wrong with their supposed reality. By playing the Devil’s advocate, they have given many humans the opportunity to expand beyond any other experience in this part of the Universe.

Many people who are awakened wonder where the breaking point is. Just how crazy will things have to get in order for the majority of humans to see the light? Because the frequency of love vibrates at a faster pace than the frequency of darkness, there will be a quickening and building upon the energy that has been placed in the collective consciousness by the starseeds and way showers who have remembered who they are and why they are here. The exponential power, as evidenced in the Fibonacci sequence, shows the potential that humans have in the very near future to reach a majority awakening, and they will simply choose an alternative in the polarity experience on a mass scale.

It may not seem that humanity is succeeding in the present moment, and some even say that it doesn’t look good for coming out of this darkness any time soon. That is the illusion at work. If the Illuminati simply gave up and placed their hands in the air, the game would be over and there would be many humans left that did not make that next step in going home.

Nothing can stop the forward progress toward integration and balance within the light

The stage has already been set and the plan to awaken and integrate the lost aspects of the soul is occurring. This process cannot be stopped once it begins and the more people that experience this, the more people it will affect because we are all plugged into a consciousness that is part of the planet. The progress of the plan was measured back in the sixties, at the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, and at a major turning point in December of 2012. The creators of the planet and of the many races of human experiments will undoubtedly be following our progress and will continue to assist in every way that does not interfere with our free will, and in miraculous ways that are allowed to go beyond free will because the Annunaki took the free will away from humanity on Earth to begin with.

What happens on Earth does not stay on Earth. Earth’s consciousness is tied to her solar system, galaxy, Universe, and beyond. The consciousness of the Universe is rising either because of, or in concert, with the beings existing within it. Earth is on a fast track to re-integrate and balance her polarity through a rise in vibrational frequency, with or without humanity. The Creators of the Earth experience are here watching to make sure that the planet is not blown up and they are helping as many people raise their vibration as possible without breaking Universal Law. When humanity matches the Earth’s rising of her vibration, polarity extremity is corrected by experiencing the polarities of a positive or light based experience rather than the experience of polarity within dark vs. light.. The goal is to free the planet by raising her vibration back towards love in order for her to serve the purpose she was created for.

The fallen Annunaki will not be able to exist in the higher vibrations, nor will those who have chosen to follow their directives. They will have served their creator faithfully in the experience and will either choose to raise their vibration and join the light polarity, experience the lower vibrations in another part of the Universe, or return to Source to be re-constituted and experience for Source another way. Looking at the Earth’s current situation from a higher perspective somehow makes it easier to wake up each day knowing that no matter what, everything is on its way back to balance.

What can I do now?

One of the biggest questions posed by those who realize the grand scale of things is “What can I do now that I am aware of who I am, why I am here, and what is happening? It seems like shouting out the truth from the rooftops is not working- no one around me can hear me.”

The answer is to keep working on the internal journey back to Source within yourself. Be a little selfish right now in order to be of service to others. What you do for yourself you do for humanity because we are all connected. Have faith in the “hundredth human effect”, stay informed through alternative media sources, and share your knowledge and wisdom as you are drawn to by your higher self.  Suddenly such a complicated story and circumstance has a simplistic and lovely ending.

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