FreedomUFOs with Marc Gray Michelle Walling on DNA Activation

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FreedomUFOs with Marc Gray: “DNA Activation: Could Reptilian/Anunnaki DNA impairment lead to a DNA activation?”

with Guest: Michelle Walling, a transformational speaker, writer, webmaster, radio show host, and video blogger, and a Certified Holistic Life Coach. She has several websites, radio shows:, http:/, http:/,, and

Michelle will discuss how our DNA was deactivated down to 2 strands and by whom. As we move into a time where our DNA is being reactivated, information is becoming available that will help those who choose to activate their DNA and move beyond this current reality.

She has been uncovering that all of the anunnaki except Marduk are greatly aware of breaking universal law- and they are not only being ordered to repair our DNA but they are very willing to do so because they have “awakened” to who they are and are more loving. Marduk is a tyrant and seems to be hopeless, whereas the Anunnaki actually want to help undo what they did so bad that they have incarnated.

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