How Rejuvenation Could Bring Freedom To Humanity

peraeriseBy Michelle Walling, CHLC

What would the world be like with no illness or disease? Would humanity be free from control if everyone on the planet was healthy? Are our cells in our body changing toward a state of perfection and rejuvenation?Medical control and Big Pharma

One of the biggest players in the scheme to dominate and control humanity lies in the medical industry. From the genocide creations of flu strains, vaccinations, environmental disasters, fluoridated water, GMO foods, chemtrails, and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) attacks, the world has been inundated with cancer and other deadly diseases. The result is that humanity has been under the control of the pharmaceutical industry within a vicious circle of lies and murder.

As we follow the money, we find that Big Pharma is a multi-billion dollar industry. The same people that create the diseases are making money off of treating the diseases and in the process causing more sickness with side effects. This creates a need for more pharmaceuticals to take care of the side effects, and so on. The ultimate goal is eugenics in order to reduce the population to a more manageable and controllable figure (around 500 million).

Natural cures for cancer and most diseases have been suppressed and more tyranny has resulted from How Rejuvenation Could Bring Freedom to Humanity | In5D.comHow Rejuvenation Could Bring Freedom to Humanity | In5D.comthe spread of this information through alternative media sources. There is always a paid shill ready to pounce upon the messenger of such cures. At times it seems like an endless battle and, most certainly, is not one that can be easily fought by someone who is suffering from this destruction.


The Legend of Atlantis and perfection of the human template

Atlantis was a thriving society, approximately 12,500 years ago, until it was decimated by flood waters. The knowledge of cycles confirms that humanity went from a Golden Age into the Dark Ages after the “fall”, when the continents sank beneath the floodwaters.

Atlantis actually represents the age of the society that existed in that time in many places on the planet. Monolithic structures have been found submerged underwater and many make claims to be the lost city of Atlantis. It is thought that the main hub of Atlantis was located in the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean. There is also speculation of parts of the Atlantis settlement were located on the western shores of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico as well as evidence in Rockwall, TX that has been the subject of a documentary by Josh Reeves.

As a thriving civilization, Atlanteans held knowledge of how to keep the human body in a perfected state of health through healing, which allowed them to live several hundred years. Healing was performed at the Temple Beautiful under the teachings of Isis by priestesses who used sound and light technologies to balance the energies back to a perfect level of vibration in the bodies of the humans (mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical). This was aided by the use of crystals that the priests charged with healing energies.

The ability to manifest physical things out of the “formless energy,” or background energy, kept the Atlanteans from having to use resources from the planet to sustain themselves. This same power of manifestation is what was misused and creation got out of control. The dark influences manipulated people and tricked them into creating hideous creatures and other forms of DNA creations not in the best interest of humanity. Wars ensued and the threat of using laser and other warfare weapons threatened the existence of the planet. This misuse of power led to the demise of this once thriving civilization.

The “Fall” of Atlantis

The fall of Atlantis was not only a loss of the cities under water but also a fall in consciousness of How Rejuvenation Could Bring Freedom to Humanity | In5D.comhumanity by decreasing of the vibration of the planet. Since the fall of Atlantis, we have finally returned to the best conglomerate of intention and energy due to the astrological alignment of Mother Earth with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.


The Fall of Atlantis was a planned event that seems to have an end time that coincides with the ending of a larger concentric ring of cycles, as explained by Mayan teachings. These cycles can be tracked through astrology and the good news is that we now find ourselves ripe for the correction of vibration on the planet into a higher fifth dimensional shift.

The Rise of Civilization in the Age of Aquarius

Following astrological cycles, we are exiting out of the Age of Pisces and are transiting into the Age of Aquarius . History shows us that in order for a New Age civilization to emerge, the Dark Age civilization must close and fall.

In the past, cycles were closed by destruction on the planet which wiped out civilizations. Re-How Rejuvenation Could Bring Freedom to Humanity | In5D.comseeding of the planet by its keepers with life was performed at a later time. Many say that humanity has currently been on the brink of destruction; however the consciousness of man was measured at the Harmonic Convergence in the 1980’s as a marker of whether humanity would be flourishing or dying. It seems as though December 21, 2012 was also a marker in time that humanity passed in order to continue at another chance at a New Golden Age.

With the planned population genocide of the Illuminati (The Vatican, the Queen of England, the Banksters, etc), who also own big pharma, there would have to be a miraculous way for humanity to free itself from tyranny and oppression. Information about how humanity is being enslaved is available through the alternative media on the internet but has yet to infiltrate mainstream media because the same banksters also own Big Media. It seems it would take a miracle to get people informed enough to eliminate fear from their health decisions by healing themselves with holistic, alternative modalities rather than trusting the current medical system driven by the perpetual need for detrimental medications without actually curing anything.

Ascension and perfecting the DNA template

In the series How to Ascend, explanations about how to heal and prepare the human body by raising vibration are discussed. The term ascension denotes a process by which humanity can raise itself back to a civilization in fifth dimensional consciousness. It involves the activation of the “dormant” DNA in the human body as part of a template that was altered with the change of vibration. The DNA upgrade that is happening in a human body from carbon based cells to crystalline based cells allows How Rejuvenation Could Bring Freedom to Humanity | In5D.comfor the vibrational level of living in a healed state and being. It also involves the ability to manifest things necessary for survival from the background energy, like in the times of Atlantis.

Having perfect health and the opportunity to manifest organic food or the ability to live on prana would certainly dissolve the illusion that has enslaved humanity for the last 12,000 years or more. It would also allow for the repair of the planet’s ecosystem. Has humanity learned the lessons of the abuse of power through being the victim? Have we learned what war and abuse of power will do to a planet?

What if the divine template for a perfect human were to appear in our reality, opening the door for all of humanity who choose a higher path to follow? Imagine the first person to come forth with a perfected DNA template.

A rejuvenated, masculine and feminine, balanced, regenerated body would be the manifestation of the remembrance of how to create what you want and how to heal your body in order to keep it in a perfected state of being.

This type of existence could only be attained with the mastery and wisdom of how to achieve this, how to sustain this and how not to abuse this way of being. How would humanity react to such a person?

Awakening humanity as a whole

While possibilities like this seem far-fetched to some people, others are fulfilling a role in assisting in the awakening of humans to who they really are, what latent powers humans have and where they are headed as the planet continues to correct her vibration back to one of balance and love. Humans can either exist on the planet by matching the vibration or choose another existence by the Law of Resonance. The plan of recovering a flourishing society includes choosing to be a part of this new society of humans with the understanding of what abuse of power and control will do to the civilization. This has to be done with information and lessons learned from the past. It seems that the only way feasible to rise above the low vibrations of those who are currently misusing power in order to dominate this planet and her inhabitants is to ascend into higher vibrations, which leads to a perfected DNA template.

Lightworkers have been trying to reach humanity for many years now to explain this change that is occurring before our very eyes. Many people have left their physical existence already and there will be more that will choose to leave for various reasons. Others have awakened to the circumstances our world is in, mostly due to the extreme dire state of existence we find ourselves in. Perhaps we had to get to such a state of existence to know what we do not want as a society?

In order to get the attention of humanity as a whole, something has to occur in our awareness that will inevitably shock the rest of the people awake. Although gentle nudging of awareness has been sent to people, many have gone unnoticed due to the denseness and sickness of the planet and the deep entrenched low vibrational way of survival. Perhaps a global economic collapse would get some people’s attention and a takeover of the media could follow with documentaries 24/7 explaining the vast control the planet has been under? A reset of our way of life seems to be in the works as it doesn’t seem to have much room left to get any worse and what goes down will inevitably come back up.

Perhaps a rejuvenated human being, markedly glowing of health and light, will show the way of how to achieve a perfected DNA template for all humans on the planet who choose this existence once again.

Is rejuvenation possible?

Healing of the human body and the perfection of the DNA template by esoteric, spiritual and metaphysical measures seems like a plausible way to wind down the Dark Age .  An economic collapse and a reset of the financial system also seems to be a way to begin again and allow freedom back into the lives of humans without having to start again from scratch. Those who have aligned themselves with the light forces of the planet, in order to bring it back to a flourishing Golden Age, not only feel that all of this is possible, but they are working hard behind the scenes to manifest this into their reality.

Whether perfection of the DNA template were to come through help from ET’s, Divine guidance, photons, cosmic rays, energies from the Galactic Center or ourselves, many feel like this was part of the plan all along. The planet is ascending in vibration and those of humanity who chose to be a part of the change of cycles and ascension are following. The inevitable reset of our global economy has been evident since banking corruption was uncovered in 2008. As the veil of darkness continues to lift, those who choose a new way of existence are manifesting a New Earth. Astonishing things have been uncovered and even more astonishing things will come into our awareness which will allow for free will choice once again.

You can make it possible

If astonishing changes are something that you wish to see in your reality, you can be a part of manifesting this reality by intending that it be so. Use the powers of manifestation of the Law of Attraction to create this and contribute to the New Earth and to the resurgence of humanity.

Whether the choice is made to keep stepping forward into a Golden Age or to choose another existence, there is no right or wrong. Eventually all will find their way back home. We have been assured that there will be a clear cut choice, meaning that no one will get left behind because the choice was not clear. The return towards the light has been explained by many as an experience that we have chosen in order to know ourselves and to reach a higher spiritual level of mastery.

The evidence of change is staring many people in the eyes but some do not have the eyes to see. Perhaps one big movement (or more) will be the saving Grace for many more to see and perhaps this change will occur this year, in 2014. The astrologers seem to think so, as well as the wayshowers and lightworkers who continue to see and feel the changes that we are going through.

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