How To Ascend- Changing Your Thoughts, Part 8

how-to-ascend8By Michelle Walling, CHLC

Did anyone ever tell you that you can be anything you want to be? Did you believe it? Have you achieved all that you want to achieve? You can master your life’s purpose simply by attracting it to you by being aware of your thoughts, words, and actions.

“The world we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”- Albert Einstein

In preparation for ascending into a fifth dimensional vibration, we must realize the importance of how thoughts affect our reality. In the fifth dimension, what we think about can manifest instantly. Thoughts are energy and How to Ascend - Changing Your Thoughts - Part 8 | In5D.comthe Universe always gives you what is on your mind. To change your reality, you must learn how to change your thought by being aware of your emotions.

The Law of Attraction states that you attract that which you are and what you concentrate upon. The Secret, by Rhonda Byrnes, explains the Law of Attraction and how everything that comes into your life is attracted to you by what you are thinking. Every single situation is manifested, every single feeling is a reflection of your thoughts. This is the most powerful secret of manifestation of your reality and is a key to raising your vibrational level to one of a fifth dimensional frequency of love.

In order to change your thoughts you should also realize that according to the Law of Divine Oneness, everything is connected to everything else. What we say, think, and do, is connected to others around us. Being responsible for your words and actions is imperative in helping the planet shift into a higher frequency, which in turn helps humanity shift as well.

How can I possibly monitor all of my thoughts?

If you were to constantly monitor your thoughts, you might lose your mind. There are an astronomical number of thoughts going through our minds every day. Since our reality is a reflection of our thoughts, being aware of how we are feeling and what our body is telling us is a true indication of whether we need to adjust our thought process. If we are feeling negative emotions such as anger and jealousy, then we are thinking out of fear. In order to raise the vibration of ourselves and to raise us into the high vibration of love and joy, we must think loving and joyful things. The power of this is so simple yet it is what is holding humanity back at this time.

Many people at this time are focusing on the problems of the world. The television was invented to manipulate our thoughts by telling us what to think by suggestive programming and mind control. The “9/11 terrorist attack” was a prime example of a false flag event created by our government and played out over and over in front of our eyes on TV though a mind programming sequence to train our minds to think we had been attacked. Those who did not watch t.v. were unaware that there was anything negative to focus on in the news. The main purpose of false flag events is to keep us out of peace and love and into war and fear.

If you focus on the creations of the group that is trying to dominate and control the world, then you are giving them your energy and thoughts to that manifestation experience. Some might say that there is a need to focus on the pieces and parts of what is happening so that we can peacefully protest and to do something about it to change the world. Others will argue that the simple explanation of the Secret would have you focus on what you want rather than that which you don’t want. As we move closer and closer to instant manifestation of fifth dimensional frequency, at one point we will need to make the shift to focusing only on what we want and moving the thoughts of what we do not want out of reach.

How can I shift my thoughts by shifting how I feel?

If you start your day off bad with some small little thing whether it is breaking a fingernail, spilling coffee on your tie, or tripping on your dog’s toy on the way out the door to work, that feeling can stick with you throughout the day until you shift the vibration of it. Raising your vibration can override this feeling, since it is How to Ascend - Changing Your Thoughts - Part 8 | In5D.coma direct reflection of your thoughts. Playing beautiful music, singing, or thinking of something funny can instantly transform that thought that was previously there. Try to block out everything in your mind but that song or funny thought. Feel the difference it makes in your body- you literally “lighten up”! Playing with your pet and giving love will attract love back to you. It all sounds so simple, yet this concept is what has been used against us for thousands of years in order to steal our power away from us and feed off of our negative emotions.

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind”- William James

What if the Law of Attraction does not work for me?

Some people have written the Law of Attraction off by simply saying they have tried it but it didn’t work for them, therefore those who believe it must be off on a high cloud somewhere else, not in this reality. That really should be enough said once you understand the Law of Attraction – first of all by saying it doesn’t work stops the work of the Universe in its tracks toward manifesting positivity, and second of all what is wrong with being on a “heavenly cloud”?

The bottom line is that in order to bring what you desire into your life you must not control how it will unfold, you must believe in the power of your thoughts, and you must do your work to put yourself into alignment with the Universe so that you can receive what you manifested.

Intention is the verbalization of what you wish to attract into your life. This can be done by speaking to the Universe in prayer or by writing your intention down. The focus should be on seeing the things you wish to manifest as they have already manifested. Hold the thought or repeat the prayer for a couple of days or as long as you feel you need to. Do not have expectations of a timeline, because certain things have to click on the other side of the veil in order for the outcome to occur. It may be instant or it may take some time depending on the situation. The main ingredient in the soup of creation is to put yourself into alignment with what you want to be or feel.

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought”- Buddha

Simply find the tool that works best for you in order to get yourself out of what you do not want to attract. Meditation, laughter, and forgiveness are very powerful tools that can change what you are thinking. Every time that negative thought or that nagging problem comes back into your mind, immediately shift your focus again to happiness or love or what the situation would be like if it were solved.

The Universe does not know the word “no”. So if you ask the Universe for “no sickness”, then all the universe hears is “sickness”. Change the mantra to “I am perfect health” and you have put out what you wish to be. As we begin to resonate with the fifth dimensional frequency, thoughts will begin to manifest more rapidly and telepathy will be the future of communication. In order not to manifest your greatest fears, the practice of monitoring your thoughts and fears by how you are feeling is imperative. You also do not want to project any negative thought by telepathy from one person to another. There will be no more secrets in 5d, so now is the time to learn how to naturally flow with the responsibility of what you put out to the Universe so that as we move closer to the vibration of manifestation we do not attract what we do not want or harm another because of our spiritual laziness.

After reading this explanation of the power of thought, do you think that changing your thoughts to affect your reality is just a lot of esoteric and metaphysical mumbo jumbo? Well if you think that then it will not work for you according to the Law of Attraction! Changing the world takes work. It’s not hard work, it’s really quite simple and you will never know just how much it can affect your life until you begin to practice it. When things begin to align with your positive thoughts, synchronicity will be your confirmation, and when you begin to flow even more with this new energy field that you have created, more doors will open for you in self discovery. Everything is connected and your outer world begins to reflect your inner world – all by the power of transmuting your thoughts.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve”- W. Clement Stone

It is ironically important in changing your thoughts not to over think how to change your thoughts. Use your body as your monitor on how you are thinking. If you are stressed than you are thinking stressful thoughts. Changing your thoughts is a life changing event so be prepared to join the awake and aware on a mind blowing journey of happiness and prosperity. True wealth never has been measured with money and never will be. Wisdom lies with knowledge of how to change the world. When we remove the veil of filters we begin to realize the simplicity and we can predict the model of creation by following the Laws of the Universe.

Stay tuned for the next article in this series- Part 9- Transmuting Fear, where we will discuss another very important step in the healing, clearing, and restoration of the body in order to master this goal called human ascension.

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