How to Master Vibration

master vibrationBy Michelle Walling, CHLC

 Everything is energy, vibrating at a certain frequency. This basic principle may be unknown to most people yet once the concept is realized it opens up a whole new world. Within this world lies the reason for incarnating on the planet at this time. The Masters of Vibration are here to teach others how to master the principles of raising your vibration at this crucial time of ascension.

Who are the Masters of Vibration?

 In order to learn how to master vibration, it is wise to know the masters. The Masters of Vibration have experienced all dimensions of vibration in experience including the densest place in our Universe: Planet Earth. Some of these masters are in etheric form and the most experienced have taken physical form. These masters of the Earth experience have incarnated over many lifetimes. Most of these lifetimes fell within a major shift of energies such as a shift from one age to another, and especially at an opportunity for a Golden Age. All of these incarnations were planned in order to have the experience necessary to incarnate into this time of the shift to the Age of Aquarius.

hand mirrorThese masters began as an aspect of the one Source Creator, and their main purpose for creation is to experience the vibration of energy and report their findings back to Creator so that it can know itself. They took the form of angels, or messengers and could choose from many angel jobs. After their job is done here, they will have the opportunity to begin the long trek toward merging with their Creator with their experiences in hand.

Vibration angels in etheric form

angelMost of these  vibration angels are not in physical form. Some of these angels work with the vibration of the planet to help balance her labor pains while she shifts to a higher vibrational frequency. They “hold the space”, which is the “space between”, where creation occurs. They manipulate the vibrational energy imbalance by either merging with it or affecting its vibration. This helps to lesson tsunamis, volcanoes, earthquakes, and pole shifts. When they heard the cry of Mother Earth they were some of the first to send an aspect of themselves forth in order to help her make the shift.

The job of a formless vibrational can vary. Some angels are the couriers, carrying experiences of energy vibration to the Hall of Records. Other angels work in the assimilating and filing of information in the Akashic records of the Hall of Records once the data arrives. There are also angels who guard the records and know who can access a record and who is not allowed. There are many other jobs these angels can do to serve, but occasionally one of them gets bored and decides to incarnate.

 Vibration angels in physical form

Some people say that angels don’t incarnate but that is not true. To master vibration, one would have to experience every level of vibration. This includes being in physical form, and could also include having a lifetime playing the role of the dark. Soul contracts are made and they send a portion of their energy down into the womb just like any other being who wanted to have the Earth experience through reincarnation.

Masters of Vibration in human form can appear to be any type of human on the planet. They have roles to play just like everyone else and may have karma to transmute if they have had many lifetimes before. This incarnation is “the big one” for them and most of them do not plan to return to Earth in it’s current state of vibration. Therefore many of them are successfully waking up to what they are here to do and have stepped forth as teachers, philosophers, and spiritual influencers.

contractAspects of various forms of angels walk the earth today in human bodies. Earth is the place to be at this time; it is what is “happening” in the Universe. However, with the excitement of serving on their minds, I do not think a lot of angels read the fine print in their contracts before agreeing to incarnate. Even the angels need their unseen brother and sister angels around them to help guide them, since they all forgot their missions when they incarnated.

What are some characteristics of Masters of Vibration?

An angel who sets out to experience every level of vibration has to have the qualities of fluidic change, like a chameleon of sorts. They are in service to their Creator and are dedicated to their work. Because of their service to others, they are unselfish and very generous, sometimes putting others before themselves. They have determination and are very passionate and dedicated to their roles. They are also very brave to incarnate into physical form, especially here on Earth where they take the risk of not remembering who they are.

Masters of Vibration often vibrate to the color of aquamarine, a mixture of blue and green tinged with a golden/white ray of sunshine. These angels are full of compassion and love, which is the highest vibration of our experience. Sometimes these angels will also associate or vibrate with the color pink, which is associated with love from the heart. angel-shadow-goldHowever some of the highest level of vibration angels have enough vibrational experience to ride all of the waves of the spectrum, which gives them the appearance of a glimmering white.

 Many Masters of Vibration are very talented musicians. Music is an excellent way to experience and create vibration. Some of these very sensitive beings have a hard time adapting to the denseness of the planet. Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley are good examples of Masters of Vibration who came here to use music as a vibrational tool in service to humanity.

How are Masters of Vibration helping humans at this time?

One of the ways they help humans is to adjusting their vibration to the level of another person’s vibration. This may mean lowering or raising their vibration to meet that of another. As they connect, they can relate to that person on many levels. If a particular person they have connected with has a low vibration, they can raise the vibration of that person by being by them. Because of this trait, many people feel comfortable telling these angels many aspects of their lives and go into details they would not normally tell anyone else. Healing occurs as the person “gets it off of their chest”. For this reason, some of these masters serve as counselors, coaches, and therapists, and make good listeners.

One hazard with this service to humanity is that they can get lost in the denser vibration. If this happens, a major life changing event or even a near death experience usually occurs in order to help them get back on track. Of course this is seen in the angelic realms as experience but the human angel has sacrificed much in the physical in order to be the one to “take one for the team”.

These vibration angels are very sensitive to others feelings and emotions and pick up these energies if they do not consciously protect themselves from doing so. By picking these emotions up, they actually help to transmute them for other people, so they are actually serving in that way as well. Ironically, when protecting themselves they can also miss out on an opportunity to transmute someone else’s energies that they might not have been able to transmute on their own.

Until a Master of Vibration remembers who they are and why they are here, their sensitivity and range of vibration can lead to a roller coaster ride in the human life form. Depression and ADD or ADHD are common diagnosis but medicating these angels is a big mistake because it deadens their feelings. Angels need to feel emotion with their body in order to be able to instinctively know where the work needs to be done.

Many times they knew it would be rough before incarnating and chose not to awaken until a later age in life in order to be able to experience as much as possible, as long as it did not lead to death. However some chose to awaken at an early age because they had a specific job to do. Some have missed their cue of awakening due to the dense vibration, but will be able to catch up when they do awaken.

Serving while asleep

earthMasters of Vibration do not have time for rest. They join their angel friends in their etheric form when their body goes to sleep. They have many varied roles while traveling around the world. Some are working with lessening the earth changes and balancing ley line energies, and some are serving as spirit guides to others. They help people who are just about to die, or leave their physical body, by appearing to them as what that person thinks an angel should look like, which helps that person ease out of their body. They also help those who suddenly leave their body and are confused and do not know what happened to them. Then there are angels who appear in etheric form to those playing the roles of the dark to let them know that their service is done, as they agreed to do with that soul before incarnating. Only masters can get this close to those of the dark without being negatively affected.

It would not be unusual for a Master of Vibration to meet on various councils of the light in spaceships, motherships, or on other planets in their etheric form. Usually they are very diplomatic and are able to help mediate problems and serve as liaisons quite frequently.


Most of the Masters of Vibration incarnated at this time are healers. They all have different levels of healing and different skills. As mentioned before, some of these angels heal simply by being in one’s energy field. Those angels who awaken to who they are and come into their power are able to perform miraculous healings on individuals. Many angels are awakening to their healing powers and are in the stages of overcoming their blocks which limit their powers of healing through vibration at this time.

How can I master vibration?

Angelic_Light_1_1274088098First, since you were drawn to read this article you may want to consider the possibility of whether you are a Master of Vibration yourself. If you feel like you are, then it is no coincidence that you found this article in order to recognize your true identity. This will inevitably lead you toward your next level of service. If you think you exhibit some of the traits but aren’t sure, then you may be another form of angel working with the Masters of Vibration.

If you do not resonate with being a master but you  want to learn how to master vibration, then that is perfectly fine as well. Regardless, anyone can learn to master vibration at this level at this time, because our bodies are gateways to many dimensions and vibrations from the lowest to the angelic.

Mastering vibration takes awareness, practice, and remembrance. Awareness starts with the knowledge that everything is energy vibrating at a particular frequency and this energy never dies. It can change form and can also be recycled or reconstituted into different vibrations.

One who is aware of this can learn to see things from a different perspective. If everything is energy, then it must be fluid and changeable. Humans have the power to change energy, as evidenced in emotions (energy in motion). Therefore, all humans have the ability to master vibration as a human.

Changing of vibration can be achieved through the human body as a transmitter. As one consciously learns how to raise their vibration, it can affect the fluid vibration of those around them. We can all agree that the goal is not to lower vibration, or we would have chosen to incarnate into something very dense like a rock.  

With intention coupled with heartfelt desire, raising your vibration can affect those in the vicinity as well as those across the world. With further intention from the heart, this high vibration can be transmitted infinitely across the Galaxy, Universe, and Cosmos. This is the main purpose of many souls incarnated on the planet at this time.

In the free E-book, How to Ascend, the ascension process is explained which involves identifying blocks to raising vibration and how to transmute these energy blockages. This book also shares that one of the best ways to raise one’s vibration is to do the things that they love and that makes them happy. That doesn’t sound too painful, does it? Another important tool in raising vibration as discussed in this E-book is meditation.

If you think you have identified a Master of Vibration, you could perhaps study that person. Masters can be teachers by example, and a real master will try to help you find the master within yourself. Study what they have to say but run everything through your heart center which is the basis of discernment. Use your body to feel whether or not it feels right to you, but don’t get caught up in following someone. Masters themselves don’t want followers, they want to help people to realize their own power. This power is the power of creation and vibration, and is derived from being a part of the Creator itself.

Is the human body on Earth a vehicle for mastering vibration?

hara1If the definition of mastery is all inclusive of every vibrational experience, then it would seem that the human body would be a good vehicle for mastery, and incarnating in it with the highest essence of your soul that came from source would complete the picture. The Earth human body is made up of the basic first and second dimensional components of the planet so the experience of the lowest dimensions lies within it, although it the conscious awareness lies in the third as the lowest base. The difficulty lies in raising consciousness above the third and fourth dimensions, which are interwoven, into the fifth dimension where the polarity is only based in love, which is a light vibration.

Once the base level is raised, it could change the experience for future incarnating humans on Earth. They will have the opportunity to experience physical form and polarity in a higher vibration without having to go through the darker experiences. This opportunity comes about because it matches the vibration of the Age of Aquarius.

The heart chakra is where masters reside

heart chakraThe Masters of Vibration are here to help humanity and Planet Earth shift into a higher vibration and consciousness. Every person incarnated in a human body has the tools necessary to contribute to the future of humanity. Whether you are a Master of Vibration or a master of something else, you had to be a Master in order to take on this job at this time.  Now is the time to do what you came here to do.  If you do not know yet what that is, the answer can be found in your heart. The heart is the Master of Vibration’s biggest tool. Inside the heart one will find the door to higher vibrational dimensions. A master will find the right key and will be able to use the human body to ascend to the fifth dimension and higher. All of the answers that were veiled upon incarnating can be found within the heart’s vibration. The treasure hunt is almost over for some Masters of Vibration on this planet.

About the author: Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, as a contributing author for  Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in 2014-2015 in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model. Michelle Walling’s cosmic writing website is Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked on her website at Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which states that this article can be reproduced in full or part as long as the appropriate credit is indicate if changes were made.

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