How To Raise The Magic Of The Force Within You

5d-magickby Michelle Walling, CHLC
In5D contributing writer

As we understand how black magic has been controlling humanity, we continue to shed light upon solutions that will free ourselves from a number of spells that have been cast. Everyone on the planet has access to “the force” which is a powerful energy that can change the outcome of your current reality. Access to the force can be found within and is one of the most important realizations that the dark forces do not want us to know about.

How is black magic forced upon humanity?

black-magicAs discussed in the article How Black Magic is Controlling Humanity, physical and spiritual retardation of the human race is being influenced by hidden tools.

From the article:

“The difference between black magic and white magic is that black magic infringes upon the free will of individuals and is the misuse of tools that were intended to assist in spiritual ascension. Whereas white magic is all about alchemy and transformation in a spiritual sense, black magic is used for domination, power, and control.”

Some examples of black magic tools are:

-negative imprinting

-mind control

-tracking devices

-psychic attacks

-suggestion hypnosis

-infiltration of the physical body

-mental attacks

-negative implants

-invasion of free will

-soul theft





-banking and finance


-synthetic drugs and legalization and promotion of alcohol

-legal system based on maritime law

-chemical warfare through chemtrails, GMO’s, and manufactured airborne viruses and diseases

-sacred geometry used in the layout and construction of cities and buildings

Awareness and identification of black magic

vibWhen a person becomes aware that there are such things as implants or tracking devices, obviously that person would want to seek help to remove such devices. Some devices may be physical and some may be ethereal, and some may have been physically implanted during an abduction. The raising of our vibration over time will dissolve these devices, as they are simply made of energy that will not withstand higher vibrational light. If an implanted device is retarding vibrational attainment and cannot be removed, then it would be best to have an energy healing from a trained professional. A psychic energy healing is even better, because there are healers that can see the energy and know where to focus the healing energy to.

Invasion of free will is against Universal Law, and it is this breach of law that has caused such attention to be focused on Earth at this time. Our efforts to regain our free will choice is a battle that also exists off planet as our space brothers and sisters help fight for our freedom.

heart waveNegative imprinting and mind control can be accomplished through television.  One example of this includes engineered laugh tracks on sitcoms that are tracks of laughter from various incongruent people that end up to be a disharmonious wave of energy. This vibrates into our cells and can create a false energy environment where we are taught to laugh at someone who is in pain or in a difficult situation. As thoughts create our reality, this behavior pattern is then stored in the Noosphere where all humans have access to this type of pattern.

Another form of negative imprinting involves subliminal racial discrimination. Currently there is hidden agenda in place to keep humans at war with themselves by inserting false propaganda in our media that pitts one race against another.

“When the harshest economic repression weighs on the shoulders of the working class, and then contempt and racial hatred is further added to it, nothing more than a simple and clear understanding of the situation is needed in order for the masses to rise up as one and throw off all forms of exploitation” Jose Carlos Mariategui (1894-1930) Perivian writer, journalist, and political thinker

witchLanguage was created for humans to be able to communicate with each other because we lost the ability to communicate telepathically with the fall in vibration. The English language is a convoluted language created that can lead confusion and misunderstandings. Many words that sound the same can be spelled differently and can have different meanings. The word “spelling” is a verb for casting a spell. There are many languages on our planet which keeps us from being able to communicate with each other.

Legal manipulation begins at birth. A “birth certificate” is named for a ship docking at a berth in maritime terminology. Parents are forced to register their child upon birth with the courts in order to give that child a legal identity. Your name on your birth certificate and Social Security card in ALL CAPS because they assigned a corporation to you upon birth. When your parents registered you, you took on an “assumed name”. A debt bond value was placed upon your birth certificate. Without a legal name, they would have no consent from us to be born into slavery to their system. As it stands today, without a birth certificate, you cannot get a valid identification card to drive a car, partake in the banking system, or just about anything important in order to function the fabricated society.

Chemtrails have filled our skies with minute particles of chemicals that are poisonous to our bodies and our environment. These chemicals can be triggered or activated to affect our weather and can fall into our soil and water. They are ingested and cause diseases within the body. Another hidden reason for chemtrails is to keep us from receiving the helpful energy being pulsed from our sun to our bodies that is raising our vibration and triggering our DNA activation.dna2

Black magic rituals are held in groups in order to set up grid systems that will harvest energy that they need to feed upon. These grids are based on sacred geometry and exist in every city’s planning and development. Energy is gathered and moved to storage places through activating sigils and geometric patterns around cities. Some say that the yearly Bilderberg meeting is comprised of around 125 of top pyramidal people, and that rituals are performed in the evening after meetings about how to work together to keep their stronghold in place.

What is “the force”?

The force is energy that automatically makes our hearts beat and our lungs take in oxygen. The origin of the force within our body is seated in the heart chakra as a wheel of spinning energy. This energy is a smaller spark of our Creator Source that sent forth an aspect of itself in order to experience.

asrologyAstrological influences can affect this force and opportunities for strengthening the force and for manifestation can be attributed to astrological alignments that were imprinted upon one’s DNA at birth. Our force is also affected as we move through the solar system, galaxy, and Universe. In a nutshell, the force is the Creator light within you and is the biggest secret the dark controllers do not want you to know about.

An example of  black magic use of the force is Hitler’s Nuremburg rallies where thousands of mindless troopers shouted “Seig Heil!” over and over again, building energies in a rhythm. Hitler first hypnotized his subjects, using the power of suggestion to open their subconscious minds and make them receptive. He then raised their emotions to a hysterical pitch, creating what can best be described as mass-mesmerism. Although the force originates from the light, it can be manipulated by other beings who know how to invoke emotion and can direct and feed off of this energy. These beings require this energy to survive, as they have cut of their flow of energy from the Source.

How to ward off black magic through “the force”

“Magic is the art of requiring changes in consciousness to occur in accordance with the will”- Dion Fortune

Very few people know the real secret that makes magic a reality in our perception. Magic requires a hypnotic trancelike state in order to communicate with a different level of helpers. This is achieved by making contact with and commanding spirits to help perform this task. The black magicians use fourth dimensional astral plane spirits and possible spirits from other Universes. They perform sacrifices to feed these beings with blood or negative, dense energy in return for favors.

hypnoticThe hypnotic state can be defined as a meditative state where the focus is brought to the task and everything else falls away. This can be as simple as reading a book or watching television. This makes television the perfect opportunity for black magicians to use certain words, suggestions, or in the case of the television, sounds to influence consciousness. Deeper somnabulistic trances allow conversations with the subconscious that can program or deprogram the subconscious to do certain things in the conscious state.

White magicians call of the angels and guides of the fifth dimension and higher. They use meditation and prayer to request help from the heart space. Prayer is a form of meditation where the eyes are shut and incantation is spoken outloud. Prayer can also be used by the dark by emotional incantations through religious spelling and by stealing soul energy through sacrifice. It is clear that whether performing black magic or white magic, one must be “in the mode” to adjust their vibration to that of their helpers in order to make the connection with them.

The force is understood by the dark and is why they have been successful in controlling humanity. Humans can break the spell through an increased awareness of being under a spell and by raising the vibration of the force energy out of their lower vibrational spell. One can also use their own life force by growing it and changing their reality through meditative prayer and intention.

chakra haraThe sphere is the geometric pattern in which the magic of creation is performed. Cells duplicate within a sphere and planets are formed into spheres. The music of the heavens has been termed the music of the spheres. Our chakras or energy centers within the body have been named after the term wheels within wheels. Wheels make our cars go and make the energy flow within our bodies Some magic rituals within a sphere can open the doorway to access the force.

An example of a white magical force ritualistic prayer of freedom

A ritualistic prayer (spell) can be created that will open the door to help with strengthening force. This prayer needs to be created and spoken by the magi in order for it to be most effective. You may want to write your prayer in advance or you may feel comfortable letting the feeling flow as you go into your meditative state.

It is imperative that you intend on protection from your spirit guides and angels before using your Creator given tool of magic, as a circle ritual will open a doorway.

Here is a general template for the creation of your own magic spell to free yourself:

-Prepare your space. Before you meditate, make sure you will not be distracted and that you have a quiet space in which to spend at least 20 minutes. You may want to dim the lights (not too dark if you are reading your spell) and light a candle, and you may want to clear your space by burning sage, frankincense or myrrh. Choose a way to create a circle; you can create a circle out of crystals for you to sit within or you can use you imagination to create one around you.

 -Ground yourself and go within. Physically sit within your circle or begin to imagine sitting within a circle of light. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths or use a breathing technique that works for you in order to get your body into a relaxed state. Bring your awareness into your heart center and sit with yourself. If you are thinking about your to do list of the day, let those thoughts go and re-focus on your heart and sitting with yourself in peace and love. Imagine that you are grounded within the earth. You can imagine that you have a cord that extends from the base chakra to the inner crystalline core of the planet. Greet mother earth’s consciousness and bring your awareness back into your heart. Imagine being connected to your Creator’s love within your heart, and send a tube of connectedness out through your crown chakra into the center of the cosmos. Greet your creator with a smile.  Bring your awareness back into your heart. Sit with this connectedness until you feel relaxed and are ready to recite your spell.

-Invoke the assistance of your spirit guides, angels, and space brothers and sisters. Call outloud to those that are with you and those that can be summoned from the light to help you on your journey. For example, “I now call on my spirit guides and angels to assist me at this time. I call out to my loved ones and my lifetimes of the past present and future and to my space brothers and sisters of the light that are assisting me in my journey. I thank you and I ask that you join me with you light and force to invoke my heartfelt desire to be free and clear of all lower vibrational energies and forces that are controlling my life”.

-Focus and speak with intention and emotion. You may open your eyes move your attention to a candle flame or a crystal or you can keep your eyes closed if you feel you may lose concentration. If you wish, you can “ohm” at this point to balance the cells of water within your body. Think thoughts of balance and harmony. Expand your heart space with your imagination…imagine a beautiful bright ball of pink, yellow, and blue flames tinged with the divine white light expanding within your heart center. Within this ball of light, begin your incantation or wishes to be free of the spells and energy cast upon you by any beings that wish to cause you harm. Make the statement that you wish to be free in the now- past, present, and future of all negative energies and control. Confirm your power as a spark of Creator and thank Creator for allowing you the opportunity for serving by experience, and state your desires to change your current experience. Ask for healing, balance, and DNA activation of your cells. Ask for any implants or tracking devices to be removed and for all parallel lives to be healed. Ask for the space where darkness once dwelled to be filled with light, and imagine this light coming from the center of the cosmos to the Great Central Sun, our sun, and into the crown chakra of your head. Imagine this light filling your body from head to toe.

-Sit within the energies of your heart space and the expanded light from Creator. Ask your guides and angels to help you maintain this light and to help you continue to raise your vibration by bringing more and more of your soul essence in. They will help you regulate the amount that your body can handle. State the intention to raise your consciousness and awareness to move out of this reality with the planet as she raises her vibration as well.

You may end your spell with wording that states that it is done or “so it is”. This imprints the reality into your world. Thank your guides and angels and as them to regulate your doorway. You may want to drink some pure water and depending on how intense your incantation was. You may need to rest or you may be full of energy. Do not judge or over think things.

free willThis ritual uses free will to ask the Universe and all of creation to help you free yourself from the dark forces. Once you have made your intentions known and have opened the door through this first ritual, you can follow up with other specific wishes and healings anytime. Being in nature is a great way to be in a meditative state, and you can graduate to this once you get a feel for what it is like to be in a light trance. This is the state where you have shut out the outside world other than those elements which may assist you in reaching the place you need to be. For those who love grassy meadows, water, or trees; the meditative environment is up to you as to how you choose to commune with spirit.

This ritual can also be performed at the beach. You can draw a circle in the sand and sit within it, allowing the sound of the waves to relax you. You can imagine a flame or crystal, or if you are practiced on holding a trance state with possible distractions, you can open your eyes and say your incantation while staring at a crystal or other power object of your choice. Drumming and dancing are excellent ways to move to a higher step of ritual and trance state.

Knowledge and understanding are the keys to unlocking the door of freedom

Strengthening the force takes practice in meditation, heartfelt intention, and prayer.  We possess the powers to restore the state of unity among difference. The dark magicians have used dissonant frequencies to keep us in an imbalanced state. The knowledge of this gives us the power to harmonize out vibrations and free ourselves from their grasp.

Free will has been stripped from us and recognizing our own power will tip the scales of Universal Law in our direction. Strong emotion and intention gets the force flowing, along with incantation and repetition. The pineal gland has something to do with the force since they have tried to keep it calcified. In conjunction with the pituitary gland and the heart chakra, the pineal can open gateways to higher consciousness. The human body is a very valuable creation because it that allows the doorway to be opened to change reality. As we awaken to who we truly are as spirits having a human experience, it is important to know who or what is in your own doorway.

new profile picAbout the author:
Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, as a contributing author for, host of The Cosmic Awakening Show on In5D Radio and webmaster/author/editor on CosmicStarseeds. Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in 2014-2015 in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model.



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