In5d Network Episode 18 Update With Star Traveler Elena Kapulnik

Episode 18

In5d’s Michelle Walling catches up with Elena Kapulnik of Awakening Cosmic Reality Show on current events, including:
-Ray Kusalandich saying we will be picked up in September
-Planet X/Planet 9 and Nibiru
-Crystalline Cities
-The recent Keshe debate
-Earth as a living library template
-A personal saucer as a recreational video
-Is the Earth flat?
-Replicators and life on biospheres
-Gay and bisexual humans
-Complete disclosure of extraterrestrial life
-Chemtrail flu- how to overcome it
-Elena’s recent trip to the Canadian hospital
-Declaring your sovereignty and intentions for Earth
-Corey Goode and the Secret Space Program
-Michelle’s trip to Finland, London, and Paris in May
-Growing plants with crystal fragments in the soil

Visit Elena’s website at…

The website for the panel in Finland is although is isn’t current as of the release date of this video.

To attend a meetup in London or Paris in May 2016 with Michelle visit

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