Pleiadian Talk with Larry Locken and guests Michelle Walling and Sara Browne

pleiadian talk saraTwo part awesome audio recorded on Pleiadian Express Productions’ Google chat with Larry Locken, Michelle Walling, and Sara Browne about extraterrestrials and the roles they are playing in our evolution at this time.



Pleiadian Talk w/ Michelle Walling, Sara Browne and Rocken Larry Locken. Part 1 of 2 of our discussion concerning.. ascension as it currently stands, spirit guides along with other beings and their effect on our timelines and present reality… Tomorrow at 2pm pacific standard time we will be reconvening for part two of this riveting yet informative talk for humanity!!!

Pleiadian Talk part 2 in this discussion we focus on dark energies, dis-information and its overall cosmic purpose, Extra-Terrestrial races and the various ones that are here to guide us in this evolutionary phase or our race.. Sara also reveals what she has recently had shared with her by a group of new guides in her life from Planet NIBIRU!!!

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