How Sexual Relationships Can Assist in Evolution

sexual relationship

by Michelle Walling, CHLC

Have you recently had a strong desire to find or maintain a loving sexual relationship? Human sexual energy is a very powerful creative energy that is sought after by many beings in the Universe. Humanity has the perfect sexual organ system needed to produce a massive amount of energy that be directed out into the universe under the right circumstances. In the wrong context, sexual energy can be used to produce powerful negative and destructive energies. Making sure that you are in a sexual relationship for all the right reasons is an important part of responsible creation.

Sex as a tool for consciousness expansion

As humanity begins to wake up to who and what they are, they begin to become aware of the need to cleanse their bodies of negativity in order to raise their consciousness. Awareness of energy and the realization of the power of the human body’s ability to cleanse energies through the emotional body is becoming more prevalent on the planet today. The human sexual organs can be used to clear the body of negative energies in concert with the emotional body.

sex 3Spiritual sexual energy can be used to fulfill the hole that is created when we were separated from our twin flame. Until we are able to reunite with that part of us that seems to be missing, the loving experience of sexual energy can bring us the closest to the feeling of being whole again. Creating sexual energy between two humans is not only a temporary “fix” until we eventually are able to join our other twin flame in union once again. It is also a way to experiment with the energies that will be able to create the light body needed to return home to our twin flame in an ecstatic reunion.

After a round of sex, the emotional body is triggered which is the body’s natural way of bringing up energies that need to be cleared. Therefore, sexual energy is a key tool in balancing the emotional body, which is important in keeping the body clear of lower vibrational energy. Mastery of the emotional body through sexual energy allows for a more healthy and happy body. Sex is also valuable in the aspect of loving yourself, which is an important part of raising your vibration. Hidden beliefs about love and your body can be transmuted through the loving act of sex with the right partner.

Finding the right partner

As you evolve on the path of ascension, finding the right partner is usually one of the things you innately begin to manifest. Deep down you desire someone on your same vibration level that can mirror your blocks back to you. You also desire to fulfill all of contracts with your soul mates by mirroring blocks back to them so all can move forward. Sometimes you have to have several partners to see the many lifetimes of energies that needed to be cleared.

Although we are always evolving, if you have done your clearing homework the reward is a sexual partner that will allow sexuality to move to another level of creativity. If you were a prominent student over lifetimes, you may have resolved all of your karmic and emotional energy in past lives and came into this lifetime to spend the whole time with one soul mate. Most people, however, have had several relationships in this lifetime that were set up in order to resolve past life energies and are now searching for a perfect mate who can spark the creative fires within them.

sex 5Manifestation of the perfect sexual partner begins with heartfelt intention and prayer. This is the way you create the vibrations that will attract the appropriate vibration to you by the Universal Law of Vibrational Attainment. Until you are aware of your thoughts, beliefs, and mannerisms in a relationship, you will continue to attract the same kind of partner over and over. This is meant to finally get your attention to what you do not want by correcting the thoughts which attracted that kind of relationship in the first place.

Loving yourself is the biggest part of attracting the right sexual partner. If you do not love yourself, you will not attract someone who truly loves you for who you are. Clearing the negative societal programming about loving yourself is an important step. When you love yourself, you exude energy that is attractive to another person of the same vibrational level. Therefore, you will only attract someone that loves themselves as much as you love yourself. This magic creates the recipe for a healthy relationship that can grow into the creative manifestation of sexual energy that can help you expand in many ways.

When you do connect with the partner that you manifested, all may not seem peaches and cream while the relationship is established. Trust has to be imminently present as two people get to know each other. A relationship built on love, trust, honesty, integrity, and moral values is the key to the proper use of the sexual dynamo machine called the human body.

sex 4The last remnants of past life energies will be cleared as you both test the waters with how far your comfort zone is with each other. Once this period of adjustment is over, the two partners will begin to emit a frequency together that reflects the combined energies of a balanced yin/yang vibration. Trust lets your guard down in order to take on your partner’s energy field and vice versa.

By merging energy fields, life becomes more tolerable and enjoyable and laughter triggers the emotion of the day. As experimentation with sex leads to more and more orgasms, the building energy between the two begins to morph into higher and higher realms. The playground of emotion between two people vibrating in love at the same frequency allows each person to break through blocks in the chakras as kundalini energy snakes up the spine and out through the crown chakra.

Although sexual energy can be magnified by two people in a relationship, sexual energies can also be directed through masturbation and loving yourself until a relationship comes together. Although some people believe in “holding the seed” within for spiritual reasons, masturbation with orgasm is a personal choice and should not be judged as a “bad” thing as long as the intentions in alignment with love, healing, and self expansion.

The various types of orgasms

Introductory sex between two people usually brings about a localized sexual organ orgasm where the sex organ sensations cause the sexual chakra to buzz with energy and to spin freely. The cells in our bodies are mostly made up of water. Triggering an energy vibration form our root and sexual chakras sends out waves on energy throughout the cells in the body. This orgasmic experience revitalizes and reorganizes the cells of the body with these waves of energy. The intensity of the orgasm, the awareness of directing the energy, and the energy blocks within the body determine how far the energy will travel through the cells.

sex 2As the two people to blend their energies and begin to explore their love for each other deeply, orgasms may begin to trigger a heart chakra orgasm or a healing orgasm may trigger a sacral chakra orgasm. A “far out” orgasm in the crown chakra alone may be triggered, or one may see “stars” or galaxies with their eyes closed in a third eye orgasm. The throat chakra can be cleared with vocalizing pleasure. These kinds of orgasms are localized orgasms meant to open certain chakras in preparation for a full bodied orgasm.

Once you explore these different types of orgasms you can move into a comfortable state of arousal of trust with your partner where the mind gets switched to the “off” position and your conscious hold on reality begins to disintegrate. This allows your cells to trigger the parts of your DNA that are more in alignment with who you really are as a creator of energy. As you let go of thoughts about how your body looks or how long you can maintain, you begin to become more in alignment with each other. This creates the comfortable space which allows for longer and more intense full bodied orgasms as you begin to let go of blocks that may have kept you from this way of being in love.

sex 1Intentional direction of energy from the root chakra into the sexual chakra and then merging with the sacral chakra is a powerful way to build up energy for a longer orgasm.
The full chakra orgasm can catapult your kundalini from the base chakra all the way up through the crown chakra. This can open up doors to multidimensional realities. Your psychic sense can be opened wide up and you can begin to recall past lives and living on other worlds. This is just a taste of the possibility of travel with human consciousness once we embody light and higher consciousness.

torusFurthermore, by opening the door to multidimensional energies, you can bring that energy back down into your body and settle in the heart. By grounding yourself you are opening up the desired flow of the torus where energies are coming in from the earth through the root up to the heart to meet the multidimensional energies coming in through the crown into the heart. This continuous flow of energy is the desired use of the human body and is what will trigger the merkaba light vehicle when the vibration of the planet reaches zero point magnetism.

Sexual orgasmic energy may be seen as bursts of light across the planet that help all of humanity as well as the planet as we all raise our vibrations. The conscious and responsible use of creative and expansive sexual energy is the way sexual relationship can help humanity evolve into higher aspects of multidimensional awareness.

Maintaining your sexual relationship

Most of the problems you see as issues in your relationship are seated within you and your thoughts. All issues are simply triggers of what you need to look at within yourself. Relationships are such good mirrors that identifying what you can do to change yourself will usually change the situation within your relationship.

This is where being the observer, not taking things personally, and learning how to master your emotions become imperative. Sometimes relationships are a revolving door until you learn that you are completely responsible for what happens in the relationship by mastering your actions and reactions. When you do this for yourself, you also help to do this for your partner. If your partner discontinues the effort to be your mirror and decides not to do the same kind of inner work, then it is best to move on to bigger and better experiences.

sex 7When you do find a partner that is willing to continue to grow at the same pace as you, sometimes fear will creep in as you begin to wonder if you are “good enough” to keep them or if they love you enough. Again, these fears will need to be dismissed as they are only your ego’s way of trying to help you realize just how important you are in the humanity experience. Transmuting this fear is just another step up the evolutionary ladder.

A good rule of thumb in maintaining a relationship is to first realize that if there is a problem it is yours and you must analyze the problem to see what kind of message it is bringing you. Once you have done your work on resolving that problem, if the energy still exists then you can analyze whether it is still stuck within your partner, and help them to resolve the issue. Sometimes the pull of the existing dark energy forces on the planet are so strong that it is impossible to help someone else help themselves. We can only be ultimately responsible for ourselves because of the Law of Free Will, so we must respect everyone else’s journey and level of evolvement without judgment.

The dark side of sex

There are species of Reptilian or Draconian beings on the planet who use sexual energy in a negative and destructive way. These beings have cut themselves off from the infinite energy source that they were created from. They feed off of other people’s energies in order to survive. One of the ways they siphon energies is through domination and control of sexual energy.

Pornography is an example of a tool the reptilians use to prepare a person for invasion or overlay of their body onto another persons body. This can only occur with the consent of the person by watching sex that is acted out in recreation from a self serving, lustful energy standpoint. The energy created by masturbating to porn or by having sex aroused by porn can be siphoned off by lower astral beings who need other people’s lower vibrational energy on order to survive.

Sex trafficking and slavery is a hot commodity amongst these beings. They will pay for the use of a human body in order to siphon energy. Sex with children and sacrifices are a high level of energy extraction for these heartless beings.

A sexually active person who may not be aware of the power of their own sexual energy may attract many partners who wish to suck their energy right out of them. Unaware victims may also be attacked when these beings integrate with their husband, wife, or long time partner who may be unaware of how to defend against such infiltration. These beings will do anything to survive including overlaying and influencing the ones we most love in order to gain power and energy. Awareness of avoidance of service to self sexual energy is imperative when choosing a sexual partner. These beings can be devious and can use forms of trickery to lure a person in by pretending to be “in love”.

The importance of sex organs to a dying race

Grey_Alien_headThe Greys had a whole lot of sex at one time in their evolution. They mated with many different partners and spent a lot of their time doing so. The population on their planet began to grow and they began to overpopulate their planet to the point of not being able to sustain the health of the population. They were living in their own filth and could not grow enough food to feed the growing numbers of beings. This affected them psychologically and they began to blame the demise of their race on their sexual organs.

They began to genetically castrate themselves by genetically manipulating their DNA. Children were born by test tube instead of by sex and this caused a lack of emotional response as it affected more than just the sexual energy of their species. They became more and more like robots with no sexual emotional drive and over time began to realize what a mistake they had made.

This is the cause for the abductions that our governments allowed them to carry out beginning in the 1950’s, and in return the Greys agreed to share advanced technologies, including DNA manipulation and space craft blueprints. Most of the people who were uplifted into a spaceship for examination and perhaps insemination or semen extraction had an agreement with that person’s subconscious or higher self. These agreements were made on a higher level out of compassion for them as a dying race and those souls who have helped them with hybrid human/grey children were happy to help a future race of highly evolved beings be able to continue to exist in a physical body.

Just as with any race of ET beings, there are also desperate, service to self groups of Greys who continued to abduct humans beyond the agreement made with our governments. These beings will have to atone for what they have done or will not be able to exist in this reality as the planet shifts higher in vibration.

The Pleiadians are teachers of the love frequency

Planet Earth is the densest place one can incarnate in our galaxy. When Earth and its inhabitants raise their vibration to a fifth dimensional frequency, the reverberations will be felt through the cosmos. This will positively affect the frequency of all beings within our cosmos who are in alignment with the light frequency.

pleiades 2The Pleiadian groups who are in service to others out of love and light are helping humanity to be loving through teaching the power of human sexual energies. Most of humanity on the planet at this time has some ties to Pleiadians through DNA genetics. Although Pleiadians are not the only species of extraterrestrial beings involved in the stewardship of humanity, they are one of the closest to our likeliness and can communicate with us with great ease.

The Pleiadians have increased their presence on our planet with ships that are cloaked in our skies and have made themselves known to many people who have raised their frequency enough to receive their communication. They have also infiltrated humanity from within by incarnating into human bodies. They adhere to the Universal Laws by guiding us rather than rescuing us. Their guidance is based on living from the heart and “be-ing” love. The Pleiadians openly encourage sexual relations out of love and have spread their teaching through books such as Barbara Marciniak’s The Path to Empowerment and The Pleiadian Agenda, and Barbara Hand Clow’s The Liquid Light of Sex.

Loving sex helps Earth evolution

Planet Earth is shifting into higher frequencies through the help of humanity. As humans begin to wake up, they are bringing more light into their bodies and changing them from carbon based to crystalline light based. The more light humans can anchor, the more light Earth has access to. Full bodied chakra orgasms allow for the chakras to be opened and for more light to be brought into the body to be anchored into the planet.

As long as we are here, we will be helping the planet raise her vibration. When we shift to the fifth dimensional vibration, we will continue to help Mother Earth shift into higher and higher frequencies. In turn, she provides the vehicle made of her substance that will allow sexual energy to be propelled into the Universe.

Sex and life go hand in hand. You cannot avoid the sexual urges that are present in the human body. Your use of sexual energy is a mirror of who you believe you are as well as your worth as a human being. Recognition of your beliefs and correction of these beliefs is an important part of evolution as a human being.

Tantric sex is a way of working together with your partner to consciously direct energy flow through the use of breathing techniques and intention. However, sex can be a masterful tool simply by experiencing a loving, trusting relationship based on energy exchange and merging. It does not matter the sex or race of your partner as long as love, trust, honesty, and integrity are present.

psychic-love-spellsLove originates in the heart and is the seat of the soul. Sexual union can open doors because love is the key to exploring the Universe and beyond. Sexual energy is a powerful tool and must to be used responsibly. The misuse of service to self sexual energy can cause repercussions and pain in our bodies. Preparation for attracting a sexual energy creation partner begins with loving yourself and clearing emotional energies. By creating responsibly with love, you can be in service to others by lighting up the planet with sexual energy which will benefit everyone.

new profile picAbout the author: Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, author and In5d radio show host of The Cosmic Awakening Show. She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, as a contributing author for Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in 2014-2015 in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model. Michelle Walling’s cosmic writing website is Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked on the website Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here.

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