Source Decreed For Draconians To Be Deported From Earth

Source Decreed For Draconians To Be Deported From Earth

Michelle Walling, CHLC
Editor,  WooWoo Media

In this guided visualization, Hank Jones II leads Lars through several lifetimes to witness the Draconian Empire’s rise and fall through Atlantis, Egypt, and the time we are in now.

The summary of the Draconian deportation starts around the one hour twenty minute mark.

Hank: Could you please describe yourself before we get into the other details?

Lars: I am sent here from a council that decided we have to get rid of the Draconians on this planet. They are causing so much trouble for humanity and they are in cahoots with the different governments and countries trying to get benefits but they are just going to be betrayed. They are not going to receive what they think they are going to receive. They are just after power, to be the ruling elite, for the masses, for their own sake, for their own benefit. They have decided now that it is time to stop this. It is affecting not only your planet, it is affecting the galaxy and many things vibrating at the frequency of this planet, and that’s not a good thing. There has been a decision that we should transport them away from here.

Hank: Ah, deport them. What timeframe do you think that you are in (when this was decided)?

Lars: I’m not sure, I think two thousand or maybe a thousand years ago.

Hank: So the decision has been made. And the particular counsel that has been given the decree or has made the decision, do you know what council this was?

Lars: It is the Council of Nine from Orion. They got this task to clear out this particular hostility for making it possible to transition to a not so dense dimension. They are struggling to hold on but it is futile because we have the whole Universe behind us in a big collective unity. We are going to transport them to another dimension where they can receive treatment, but some of them are going to be extinct.

When Hank asked about the Greys’ relationship with the Draconians, particularly who is in control over who, Lars said that they have different agendas but they are working together. But both of the species are just trying to use the other one and they don’t really see that. Together with humans that are thinking they are getting some benefits in technology for war but it is going to be useless.

Lars said that they are closing up hollow spaces inside mountains and underground bases that the Dracos have made their underground subculture existence in, we are trying to erase the bases and the traces, bringing them back to the original state. Several of them are under the ocean.

Hank: I have hear that there are only 125 actual Draconians left deep within the Earth and the rest have been already deported.  Right now I am in 2016. As these deportations are taking place, can you surmise what year we are talking about?

Lars: This has been going on up until World War 1 in your time and there have been efforts for some to try to linger on for some species but they are not having any power left. For every generation, their power has diminished. They are not in your underground anymore. They have tried to hide in other places and have tried to get away because they thought they can conquer it again but they don’t understand that the decree that comes from the Source will not stand for that. It came through many different councils that together decided on a strategy of how to do this in the best humane way to all of the species that are involved in this.

Hank: Are there armadas of ships that are helping us with this process that we are going through now?

Lars: Yes they are there monitoring what’s happening and they are there to help take care of the big energy (flow?), and for the moment they are also helping turning on new strands of DNA in many of you. But they are very careful with that because for many of you it can be very confusing and strange. Many of them are working with groups on your planet that are aware of what is happening. They are trying to help others in this transition because it is overwhelming for many of you.

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