Pleiadian Talk with Larry Locken, Michelle Walling, and Missy Dee

Angelic_Light_1_1274088098Synchronicity brought our guest Missy Dee to us tonight. Missy has been in contact with her guides at a very young age and shares information with humanity about how living a simple life combined with healthy eating has kept her and her son from ever having to go to a doctor, except for her N.D.E during childbirth. We also discuss how to help those caught in the astral plane move into the light. Continue reading

Ghosts…Why Some People Don’t Cross Over to the Other Side

ghostsBy Michelle Walling, CHLC

Ghosts are souls who have left their physical body at what we call “death” but have not completely crossed over to the “other side” into the light. Ghosts were a huge part of my spiritual awakening, and were the cause of questioning not only the possibility of life after death, but whether a spirit loses his or her identity. As I began to understand the shifting of energies into the Age of Aquarius and the ascension of Earth and humanity, I also wondered what will happen to ghosts when Earth shifts her vibration to a fifth dimensional frequency. Continue reading