How Erin Waage Holistically Beat Candida- The Cosmic Awakening Show

Erin Waage before and after

Michelle Walling interviewed Erin Waage, who was literally faced with death due to a severe candida overgrowth (systemic candidiasis). The doctors she had seen for my condition were only adding to the problem. It wasn’t till she took full responsibility for her own health in a holistic manner that she began to heal. We discuss the holistic methods for clearing the candida as well as detoxification for many other things, including our organs. Continue reading

The Cosmic Awakening Show: All About Hemp, Cannabis, and Marijuana

May 15 2014Join hosts Michelle Walling and Larry Locken as we tackle one of the most controversial topics!

Topics we will discuss: Legalization of marijuana, GMO marijuana, hemp/cannabis oil cure for cancer, Henry Ford’s suppressed hemp car, uses for the hemp plant, Dr. Emoto’s use of hemp for radiation clean up at Fukushima, and much. much more!

We welcome activists, experts, and anyone with helpful information on this expansive topic.

Special thanks to cannabis/hemp activist Steve Danks. Here is Steve’s info: and

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