Shifting To 4th Density WIth Brad Johnson And Adronis- Cosmic Awakening Show

Host Michelle Walling interviews the Reality Whisperer Brad Johnson and one of the beings that he channels- Adronis. Brad is a speaker at In5d’s Lifting The Cosmic Veil Conference in Seattle, Washington March 18, 2017. Michelle asks many questions that the listeners want to know for the times that we are in, including:

-What is the difference in dimension and density?
-Interventional Fleets that are helping with the implant situation and more
-How to neutralize implants
-Recent advancement with the benevolent ET’s
-Unraveling the many layers of “going within”
-The importance of supporting lightworkers but also understanding that we are not here to fix anyone else
-The rainbow bridge to the new Earth
(and much more!)

Adronis answered the following questions:
-Please explain timeline shifting and are we down to two major timelines?
-Please share your interpretation of Gregg Prescott’s dream of the three waves
-How large is an oversoul?
-How do we activate our DNA?
-Is there anything else you would like to share?

You can find Brad Johnson at http://www.realitywhisperer/com.
The video mentioned in the show about implants and the intervention fleets is here:

Two implant removal experts mentioned were:
Greg Marra: (who is a speaker at our Sarasota, FL conference Oct. 7, 2017), and
Eric Raines: (who is a speaker with Brad at the Seattle conference March 18, 2017)

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diane canfield 2Join host Michelle Walling as she discusses the latest energy shifts with ascension teacher and psychic clairvoyant medium Diane Canfield. In our last show, we discussed the huge wave of energy that swept in and out of the planet in September/October 2015, affecting every living thing on Earth. The waves have been coming one after another in rapid succession since then, and Diane has been reporting on these waves in her blog as she experiences them. We will summarize and expand on her experience with these last waves and we will talk about what’s happening right now- including the bizarre tornadoes that came through Florida in the early hours just a few days ago. Diane will also talk about how to keep your boat steady during these massive shifts, how to integrate the energy, and we will discuss how to recognize and strengthen the psychic and superpower abilities that are becoming online for all of humanity.
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