Michelle Walling Interview On Awakening Cosmic Reality Show w/Elena Kapulnik

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Elena Kapulnik Interviews Michelle Walling who is an Administrative Assistant, Contributing Author, Event Coordinator, and Facebook Coordinator for In5d.com. She is also a Holistic Life Coach Consultant, and Radio Show Host of In5d’s The Cosmic Awakening Show, BMSS Radio, and In5d Network’s series of videos on You Tube.

In this interview we cover topics for Michelle’s various life experiences, awakening process, In5D, Holistic Coaching, Wave X, Ascension, and Body Transformation.

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Rising Frequencies Radio Presents: An Interview With Michelle Walling From In5d


Hosts Lisa Renee Rising and Andrea Covington Mullaney Interview Michelle Walling from the popular metaphysical. spiritual, and esoteric In5d.com website.

Listen to a truly wonderful show with Michelle Walling as she discusses her amazing life’s journey and how we can best prepare for the upcoming transition into the new energetic paradigm! Continue reading

Cosmic Awakening Show- Q&A With Michelle Walling

Q & A With Michelle

Michelle Walling hosts this special edition Q & A session where YOU are the guest!

Are you awake but stuck in one area? Do you want to know your life purpose? Are you wondering what is the best thing you can be doing to contribute at this time? Get your questions ready and call in for a free question and answer session with Holistic Life Coach Michelle Walling.

Michelle will also read some recent questions/topics from people, including: Continue reading

Cosmic Awakening Show Presents Diamonds Forever 31’s Elizabeth Mulligan and YOU

Elizabeth Mulligan

This week Michelle Walling and her guest, Diamonds  Forever 31’s Elizabeth Mulligan, discuss YOU! Michelle and Elizabeth bring some of their experience into your life, including health, spirituality, and metaphysical topics. We had a few excellent questions and this show proved to be FULL of great info to help in this shift of consciousness we are experiencing. Continue reading