How to Master Vibration

master vibrationBy Michelle Walling, CHLC

 Everything is energy, vibrating at a certain frequency. This basic principle may be unknown to most people yet once the concept is realized it opens up a whole new world. Within this world lies the reason for incarnating on the planet at this time. The Masters of Vibration are here to teach others how to master the principles of raising your vibration at this crucial time of ascension. Continue reading

How To Ascend- Ascension 101, Part 1

how-to-ascendBy Michelle Walling, CHLC

The knowledge of ‘How to Ascend’ lies within our DNA. Our monad carries the tools and knowledge we need to ascend from experiencing many lifetimes, and a copy of this akashic record has been lying dormant in our DNA. The ability to tap into this knowledge requires a clear and healed body of light, of which this in itself requires a manual of instruction. This is the dichotomy, the prime expression of duality in this lifetime- we need knowledge in order to find the user’s manual of knowledge. However, there is hope because each one of us holds an individualized key which unlocks the door of knowledge that contains our own personal ascension instruction manual. Continue reading

How To Ascend- Intention and Awareness, Part 2

how-to-ascendpt2By Michelle Walling, CHLC

The road to ascension has many curves, bumps, potholes and roadblocks. In order to travel this road with the least amount of damage you must have intention to steer your vehicle with awareness of the hazards and alternative routes. Continue reading

How To Ascend- Going Within, Part 3

how-to-ascend3aBy Michelle Walling, CHLC

One of the biggest fears some people face is seeing ourselves for who we really are. Without the title given to us from our career or the title of being a parent or someone’s child, we fear the loss of identity of who we are. We have been programmed from an early age from television and school to “grow up and be someone”. Continue reading

How To Ascend- Loving Yourself, Part 4

how-to-ascend4bBy Michelle Walling, CHLC

When you love yourself you become a shining example for others. Through the Law of Attraction, you attract to you people that love themselves as well. Without doing the work of loving yourself, you will most likely attract those opposite of love, and that is a recipe for rocky relationships. To love yourself involves breaking through programming in order to realize who you truly are. Continue reading

How To Ascend- Healing, Part 5

how-to-ascend5aBy Michelle Walling, CHLC

We are energy, and everything around us is energy, all vibrating at a certain frequency. To heal this energy means bringing it back into a balanced vibrational resonance. This is imperative on the road to ascension in order to spin your merkaba field as you resonate with the high vibrational frequency of your creator. You will have difficulty raising your vibration if you have blocked energy or are in situations which cause stress or negative emotions to constantly surface. Continue reading

How To Ascend- Raising Your vibration, Part 6

how-to-ascend6By Michelle Walling, CHLC

Vibration is the song of life that moves atoms into patterns of form.  Everything is energy, everything is alive in motion, and the planet we live on is a conscious, sentient being vibrating at a certain song. The planet is going through a change in vibration of resonance, and she wishes to take all living beings with her. The raising of ones vibration will change the consciousness or reality that you perceive. Continue reading

How To Ascend- Transmuting Karma, Part 7

how-to-ascend7By Michelle Walling, CHLC

Some define karma as ‘what you reap you sow’, or ‘what goes around comes around’, and thus is the reflection of how you have treated others in this life and past lives. Simply stated, karma is the action/reaction principle and can be “accumulated” from lifetime to lifetime, which means karma may also be created in this current lifetime. Some say there is “bad” karma and some say we can even have “good” karma, but describing karma with an adjective would be to judge it. Karma has also erroneously been defined as being reciprocal punishment or fate. Even religion has tried to define the wrath of God’s punishment as karma. Continue reading

How To Ascend- Changing Your Thoughts, Part 8

how-to-ascend8By Michelle Walling, CHLC

Did anyone ever tell you that you can be anything you want to be? Did you believe it? Have you achieved all that you want to achieve? You can master your life’s purpose simply by attracting it to you by being aware of your thoughts, words, and actions. Continue reading

How To Ascend- Transmuting Fear, Part 9

how-to-ascend9By Michelle Walling, CHLC

What’s holding you back from your magic? Fear is a belief that is vibrationally out of alignment with your true self. Fear is actually a tool in ascension because it illuminates what no longer works for you. The power of truth will dispel all fears, allowing for magical transformation in your life. Continue reading