Discernment, Disembodied Entities, Parasites, Engineered Flu, Baby Boomers, and Suicide

Michelle Walling covers these topics in this chat-

-Engineered Flu
-Disembodied Entities
Here is the link to Alba Weinman’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt3xe3Yz-4P__NZ9bSoIudQ
-Discernment and Fear Porn
-Baby Boomers Troubles
-Intestinal Parasites
-TImeline Shift the day after the election
-Astrology- what would happen if we let it go

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In5d Network Episode 15 Numerology Is Everything With Kat Kinnie

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In5d Network Episode 13: Olav Phillips Secret Space Program Conference Speaker

Episode 13 Olav

In5d Network’s Michelle Walling interviews Olav Phillips, who is a speaker at the 2015 Secret Space Conference in Bastrop, TX on October 31- November 1. I will be at this conference doing various interviews with the speakers, and I thought I would give you a little introduction to Olav. He is conspiracy researcher, writer, author, and publisher, specialized in the Secret Space Program, Exotic Aircraft, High Technology, Foreign Policy, Pre-History and Mysterious Civilizations. We discussed various government crafts, philosophical origins, predictive programming, abductions, and more. Check out Olav’s website here : http://www.anomalies.net. The Secret Space Program Conference’s website is http://www.secretspaceprogram.org. Continue reading

In5d Network Episode 12 Catherine Austin Fitts and the Secret Space Program Conference

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In5d Network Episode 11 Timeline Shifting, Anomalies, and October Wave X Update

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In5d Network Episode 10- What Is The Truth?

Episode 10

In5d Network’s Michelle Walling explores why there are so many versions of the truth and the reasons why people tend to discount another person’s truth. As the observer, you can learn to respect all truth as everything comes from Source, but you realize that you do not have to align with another person’s truth if it is not a vibrational match. When it comes to Universal truths, the Golden Rule is important as it covers what you put out you will get in return, as everything is energy and we are all a part of the One. Continue reading

In5d Network Episode 6: The Perfected Human DNA Template

Episode 6

In5d’s Michelle Walling discussed the new project that has come her way in sharing information about the manifestation of the perfected human DNA template. Find out what the project entails, what it means to embody perfection, and how the project will unfold. At the end of the video, Michelle gives an update on In5d and the future of the In5d Network. Continue reading