Starseed Updates- The Cosmic Awakening Show

Michelle Walling talks about recent observations and upcoming events.

Topics include:
Indigo adults
Indigo Children
Golden children or star children
Quantum Healing
Activation of star codes and the new matrix for Earth
Upcoming events and new announcements.

Find out more about the In5d Starseed Reunion Conference on May 28 in London at

Find out more about The Cosmic Awakening Show LIVE Detroit at

The October 7 Quantum Healing Beyond 5d Event in Sarasota, FL has not been posted in the web yet. The 11-11 CAS Show Live Nashville is not finalized yet.

Eric Raines’ website is

Each speaker I mentioned in the upcoming events has their own full bio page with more information about them.

Check out more information about Michelle Walling, CHLC from the following sites: (to book a starseed session)