“A Course In Miracles” Is A CIA Mind Control Project According To The Pleiadians


By Michelle Walling, CHLC

In a 2007 channeling by Barbara Marciniak, an audience member asked about “A Course in Miracles”. The answer that the Pleiadians gave was that it was a CIA mind control project. Upon listening to this information, I wondered why so much effort was put into a course based on channelings, and what I could learn from this example? Continue reading

FreedomUFOs with Marc Gray Michelle Walling on DNA Activation

Freedom ufo's

FreedomUFOs with Marc Gray: “DNA Activation: Could Reptilian/Anunnaki DNA impairment lead to a DNA activation?”

with Guest: Michelle Walling, a transformational speaker, writer, webmaster, radio show host, and video blogger, and a Certified Holistic Life Coach. She has several websites, radio shows: http://www.CosmicStarseeds.com, http:/www.Michellewalling.com, http:/www.In5d.com, http://www.thestarchildren.net, and http://www.Howtoexitthematrix.com

Michelle will discuss how our DNA was deactivated down to 2 strands and by whom. As we move into a time where our DNA is being reactivated, information is becoming available that will help those who choose to activate their DNA and move beyond this current reality. Continue reading