A Cosmic Approach To Vegetarianism

vegby Michelle Walling, CHLC
Guest writer, BodyMindSoulSpirit.com

I am still eating meat. Although I have cut certain types of meat out of my diet, I am consciously trying to reprogram my DNA in preparation for cutting it out altogether. In this article, I share some important things you need to know from both sides of the fence on Vegetarianism. Continue reading

Has The Archonic Reincarnation Trap Been Dissolved?

5d-archon-matrixby Michelle Walling, CHLC

Recently we have seen an increase in the passing of many spiritual and metaphysical icons. Dolores Cannon and Masaru Emoto were highly respected with their knowledge of the way things work and passed within days of each other. Is it possible that they knew the time was right for them to be able to leave their bodies in order to escape the Archonic matrix net for good? Continue reading