Cosmic Awakening Show Presents Diamonds Forever 31’s Elizabeth Mulligan and YOU

Elizabeth Mulligan

This week Michelle Walling and her guest, Diamonds  Forever 31’s Elizabeth Mulligan, discuss YOU! Michelle and Elizabeth bring some of their experience into your life, including health, spirituality, and metaphysical topics. We had a few excellent questions and this show proved to be FULL of great info to help in this shift of consciousness we are experiencing. Continue reading

How To Create Your Galactic Code Of Discernment

hnenetynby Michelle Walling, CHLC
Staff writer,

Why are there so many opinions of what is unfolding at this time, and how do I use discernment to decide what is best for me? Depending upon your level of awakening and vibration, your discernment can change based on your level of understanding. Therefore the human level of discernment may not be the same as the galactic level of discernment, and recognizing the difference will help reduce confusion and fear. Continue reading

The Fossil Fuel Myth And The Devastation Of Fracking

dhrh5ehtdby Michelle Walling, CHLC
Staff writer,

The use of gasoline or petrol is a necessary evil in order for most us to operate in our daily lives at this time. As consciousness rises, humanity will find that the government has had technology that can operate cars and heat homes but has kept such technology hidden. Not only that, but we are slowly learning that almost everything tied to oil and gas drilling has been wrapped in a web of deceit. Continue reading

Sasquatch Contactee Delivers Message To Humanity

b5h54htsrby Michelle Walling, CHLC
Staff writer at

The Sasquatch people are a high vibrational level of human that have the ability to appear into a third dimensional body as well as disappearing into the next vibration out of our sight. It is obvious from their elusiveness that they are psychic and know when they need to move into another dimension to avoid capture. Sasquatch are actually benevolent beings that have a message for humanity in order to help us move into another consciousness at this time. Continue reading

Suicide Note From Teen Reveals The Secret Of Life

atrarntgby Michelle Walling, CHLC
In5D Staff Writer

I had the opportunity to communicate with Marie Delagiraudias about the message that her highly awakened son Dominique left behind when he took his own life. It was no coincidence that I found the post on Facebook that Marie had been holding back from posting for two years, and the message was a profound cry to humanity. Continue reading

Cosmic Awakening Show on New Year’s Day with ET Contactee Simon Parkes



Simon revised

Join host Michelle Walling on New Year’s Day with special guest Simon Parkes. Simon was raised by mantid beings and has a very unique perspective on what is unfolding on our planet in 2015. This is your opportunity to ask your questions pertaining to Simon’s extraterrestrial roots or anything related to Simon’s experience. We will be taking your calls so get ready, and if you are too shy to call in you can type in a question in the chat room.

Find out how Simon Parkes became a Labour Councillor in the U.K. We will also discuss the role the mantid play in humanity as well as how the mantid beings (his family) have the best interests of humanity in mind.

Continue reading

In5D New Years Eve Extravaganza!

10897848_10203268343461010_9004637379791357515_nRing in the New Year with In5D!  Join In5D Radio on New Years Eve when we host our end of the year New Years Eve Extravaganza, where our theme is “Out with the old, in with the NOW!”  Host Gregg Prescott was joined by fellow In5D Radio hosts Helane Lipson and Michelle Walling. We brought in special guests throughout the night: Lance White, Astrologer Jim Dellicolli, Missy Hill, Heidi Kole, Chris Hales, Larry Locken, and Brad Olsen!  This may well be one of the most informative shows you will ever listen to!


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6 Ways Non-Conformity Can Create Chaos

6 waysby Michelle Walling, CHLC

Some people are born rebels. Other people awaken to non-conformity later in life and try to buck the system. The trick is to balance your actions to where you do not find yourself back to square one, deeper within the prison.

Until humanity comes together as one consciousness in co-creation with their reality, the natural reaction of wanting to break free from slavery is to act outside of the box. Creativity is a great way to channel that energy. Surprisingly, if you do not outwit the system, your non conformity works in the system’s favor by putting you right back into the box that you wish to escape from. Continue reading