The Three Levels Of Learning Discernment

discernmentby Michelle Walling, CHLC
Staff writer,

Our consciousness is experiencing this lifetime in a holographic matrix, and we are existing on many levels and many places at the same time. Really, the only thing real here is our Source energy consciousness. However, in order to move out of this reality into one that is more pleasing, we have had to become a sleuth in order to find the highest path. Discernment is the tool that we use to accomplish the highest and best outcome in any particular moment. Continue reading

Pleiadian Talk with Larry Locken, Michelle Walling, and Missy Dee

Angelic_Light_1_1274088098Synchronicity brought our guest Missy Dee to us tonight. Missy has been in contact with her guides at a very young age and shares information with humanity about how living a simple life combined with healthy eating has kept her and her son from ever having to go to a doctor, except for her N.D.E during childbirth. We also discuss how to help those caught in the astral plane move into the light. Continue reading

All About the Akashic Records and the Noosphere

5d-akashicThe term Akashic record is used for the Creator’s account of every thing that has occurred in the past, present, and future history of Creation. The record consists of energetic light patterns that are tuned to a particular vibrational frequency unique to its contents. Ultimately, the code is based upon the frequency of love. Knowledge about the ability to access your personal Akashic record can reveal the answers to who you really are. Continue reading

Top 30 Spiritual Terms You Should Know

5d-spiritual-termsby Michelle Walling, CHLC

As a person climbs the ladder of spiritual progression in this lifetime, there are particular terms that describe various stages of development. In order to maximize the opportunity of this lifetime, there are at least thirty important spiritual terms you should become familiar with. All of these terms are part of the reason we incarnated and mastering the meaning of each of these is likened to initiation. When you master the initiations you prove that you are ready to move to the next experience. Continue reading