Galactic Origins- Pamela Aaralyn and Michelle Walling

Pamela Aaralyn Galactic OriginsPamela Aaralyn interviews Michelle Walling from In5D’s Cosmic Awakening Show about starseeds, galactic origins, ascension and a deep discussion of how starseeds can better integrate into their more grounded human reasons for being on planet earth. Let’s so “far out” into all realms of the ether, but then venture into how to be our best HUMAN selves. Recorded LIVE on SpreeCast. Continue reading

Cosmic Awakening Show Presents Starseed Origins With Pamela Aaralyn

Pamela Aaralyn

Join Host Michelle Walling as she discusses Starseed Origins with Pamela Aaralyn. Pamela began seeing auras, visions, spiritual beings and energy as a whole at the early age of five. Her world was full of colors, shapes and beings that no one else around her could see. Once colors were seen around people, she begin to sense more and more information about their personalities, emotions, physical and mental well being, spiritual well being and even had visions about their futures. She got messages from higher dimensional beings around them (spirit guides and angel beings). After having an experience with an archangel, she also was able to channel ascended beings, the higher self of living people and spirit guides. Her current favorite deities or ascended beings to channel are: Yeshua (Jesus), Kali Maa, Mary Magdalene, Buddha, Krishna and an ascended being from the planet Andromeda, who goes by Astrea. Continue reading