The Cosmic Awakening Show- All about Crystals with Adrienne Goff

June 5 2014Join Hosts Michelle Walling and Rocken’ Larry Locken for “All About Crystals with Adrienne Goff”! Adrienne is a master healer and crystal expert and will be sharing her vast knowledge of crystals. Topic will include: how to clear crystals, programming crystals, tuning into crystals, how to use crystals in emotional work, healing with crystals, spiritual activation with crystals, manifestation with the help of crystals, and the properties of various stones. We will be taking callers with any questions you may have about your crystals and the use of them on your spiritual path. Continue reading

Top 30 Spiritual Terms You Should Know

5d-spiritual-termsby Michelle Walling, CHLC

As a person climbs the ladder of spiritual progression in this lifetime, there are particular terms that describe various stages of development. In order to maximize the opportunity of this lifetime, there are at least thirty important spiritual terms you should become familiar with. All of these terms are part of the reason we incarnated and mastering the meaning of each of these is likened to initiation. When you master the initiations you prove that you are ready to move to the next experience. Continue reading