The Benefit of Exploring Past Lives

past-lifeBy Michelle Walling, CHLC

A big part of healing ourselves comes from transmuting karma and healing past life emotional energies. In fact, a huge part of this incarnation is about healing. Balancing Karma

Most past life energies and karma can be healed through paying attention to situations that manifest themselves in our reality as patterns and we learn to make choices differently in order to break the pattern, thus break up the energies created by it. Any deep seated past life issues that are not healed this way can be healed by experiencing the past life memory and transmuting it in this lifetime.

QHHT Therapy

Dolores Cannon has one of the best modalities for healing past life energies that have manifested into the physical body through her method of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT). This method The Benefit of Exploring Past Lives | In5D.comof past life regression therapy takes the person into a deep somnambulistic trance state which allows the person’s higher self and other aspects of themselves (and even other higher beings) to come forth and speak to the practitioner. Through bringing forth the past lives that have deep seated energies, the clients are able to work through them and understand what needs to be addressed in this lifetime. Often it was the one big thing that had been holding them back in their progression.

Here are two very interesting past life session tidbits by Delores Cannon:

Dolores Cannon- In the Midst of Chaos

Dolores Cannon- Hypnotized Subject Talks About the Shift and the New Earth

Although QHHT is one of the most respected methods in the industry, others have been successful in bringing up these issues with hypnotherapy and counseling. Often a therapist can see that patterns better than the person having the issues, because these issues are so deeply disturbing it is hard to pull out to be the observer.

Dr. Michael Newton and Dr. Brian Weiss

Two really good books that cover past life sessions from therapists are:

Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives, by Dr. Michael Newton

Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss

Example of a past life experience

Many people have been having past life recall as they go through their spiritual awakening process. Some are accessing these through meditation and some simply have them start to replay in their heads. The hardest part of accepting these memories is the ego’s ability to make you think that it is all your imagination.

Here is the link to an article that has a very useful FREE mp3 past life meditation.

The following is a past life recall memory that occurred through the use of the past life mp3 shared on :


“I started on the clouds, and then I was on the ground. It was a very green planet, small but very green with trees with leaves that look like a cactus leaf, only without the spikes on them. Everything communicated with everything else, the wind sways to the mood of the trees, inhabitants feel the mood of the atmosphere and the clouds etc, its all connected by an invisible force that can be felt, it’s welcoming and loving. The inhabitants, my mother apparently, looks short with a very rubbery looking body and rubbery purple eyes that are designed like eyes of Asians, no clothes whatsoever, they grow (at home in a container) a sort of plant for food and cut at it with a sort of leaf trimmer like ours.Then I space out and don’t recall most of what I saw, I suddenly am very scared and the entire world is in doom, it almost feels like we are in a race against time, some one is coming to attack us. I am very scared I am seated on something that resembles an air craft wing, without an actual aircraft….it looks like aluminum but isn’t aluminum, its thin and polished. There are hundreds of them to my right and left doing the same thing, fastening themselves with a screw type of a material with a belt that’s meant to hold us tight. Next I remember trying to make sense of time, there is no time, there is something on my wrist that’s written in a language I don’t understand. I space out again I am on the shores of a sea that resembles one of our own seas, only the waves and winds are alive.I then remember being shot out of my own body its like a bullet getting out of a nozzle of a rifle when its shot, its swift and I am shot upward about 7 to 10 feet, I look back and see myself on the ground collapsed and motionless, I look around to see if there’s anyone to speak, there’s no one, I only see some scary faces of what I think are aliens/demons? Then I open my mouth and ask what this is, and nobody speaks anything (because there is no one) and all of a sudden I am being drawn higher and higher into the white and glowing skies, they are drawing me up at a steady speed and I have certain questions and even before I open my mouth and ask I am being answered in thoughts, the sky is communicating with me. All I have to do is think of the question and I will have the answers in my mind. It’s almost like someone knows what question is coming next and they are answering it at the same speed at which I am able to think of it. I ask what happened to me, and I am told this is the completion of my work/experience here and I asked where I was going, and I was told to be one again, and what happens later, and I go elsewhere to complete the cycle again. I asked for how long this goes on but I don’t remember what answer I got for that.

I kind of felt like I am the cloud, the sky and the wind at the same time. I feel myself it’s just like how you know your own fingers. I am not really able to relate this to anything because I find this rather confusing, nonetheless amusing. But I am sure the animals on our planet connect with nature in this very same way because I could feel the exact same way a bird would align itself to the wind, earth’s pole or an impending catastrophe etc..

Thanks for this amazing track!”


Children born without a veil

Some of the indigo and crystal children are being born without a veil and have multiple past The Benefit of Exploring Past Lives | In5D.commemories or total past life recall, in some rare cases. They have shared their stories with their parents and facts have been verified on recent lifetimes in our history. They chose to do this to bring more awareness to people about past lives so that we could realize that we are spiritual beings having another human experience, and our souls never die. This is one of the first shocking and wonderful things we learn when we begin to awaken and is one of the biggest things most religions teach against.


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Finding your purpose

Being able to access past life experiences can be helpful for another reason besides healing. There are many people waking up who want to know what their purpose here on the planet is, and as we begin to shift into a higher vibrational frequency we will begin to change our reality from the dense darkness that has existed for a very long time. We are turning a corner from the old Earth and are on the doorstep of our new reality. Even people who have not been able to recall past lives before will begin to have access to these memories as they begin to merge with those aspects of themselves. This is occurring as we bring more of our soul’s focus of consciousness into our reality now, here on planet earth.

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As we begin to merge those aspects of ourselves, we are able to fill our toolboxes with experience from those past lives. We understand a lot more about who we are and what we wanted to accomplish. It is imperative to know what our mission is in order to do our jobs and many of us have had great frustration over having to wait to find out. The time is very close for us to be called to our specific duties and our past (and future) lives will hold the clues to allow us to fully stand in our power as multidimensional beings while existing in this physical plane. So don’t just chalk that crazy story in your head up to imagination- it may very well be a clue to the puzzle!

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