The Great Energetic Transformation – Michelle Walling On Escape The Prison Matrix

Host Alan Stockdale from Escape The Prison Matrix interviews In5d’s Michelle Walling about the upcoming “Great Energetic Transformation”.

Topics covered include:

  • What is Wave X and what it is not
  • How we will “clean up” the planet of negative energy
  • Why some are seeing into the next density
  • Timeline incursions and manipulation
  • How to dissolve future negative timelines
  • How to rise above fear
  • Michelle’s take on channeling

The Skype connection was lost several times during this interview and was completely disconnected at the end. Please bear with us!

For more information from Michelle and to book a life coaching session please check out the links below. Also please join Alan on his “Escape The Prison Matrix” Facebook page here (to book a holistic life coaching session)

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