The One Thing That Will Change the World

final one thingBy Michelle Walling, CHLC

Why are there so many different views and ideas about what is happening on the planet? Why do various spiritual, religious, and humanitarian groups not only fight amongst other groups but within their own groups other about what is right? What is the one thing that will bring people together in unity to save and heal not only the planet, but the human species?

It is very clear to all people on this planet that something is really wrong with this picture. Whether a person is awakened to the tyranny of government slavery or whether the daily struggle for survival has beaten them down into unhappiness, there are not many people that are “ok” with our way of life. Even those who made it to the top of the fight for money are realizing that was just a dream, and are now searching for the real meaning of life. We all know that no one wants to live on this planet under these conditions and circumstances we find ourselves in.

There are so many explanations for what has occurred up until now on planet Earth that it truly makes one confused about how we got to the brink of disaster and that is further complicated by the various ideas of what we can do about it. Because of this, common sense says that it would be impossible for everyone to agree as to what the solution is if there are too many varying reasons for the problems. There is too much blame and not enough forgiveness to go around, and all of this continues to masks the responsibility of the individual over their own lives, thoughts, and emotions.

 For example, here are some of the explanations as to what is occurring on the planet:

  1. There is a galactic war in the heavens going on between the light and the dark, and Earth is playing out the war in a microcosm form.
  2. Planet Earth is a feminine sentient being that decided to leave the comforts of Creator Source and go down into the depths of material form without a masculine counterpart. Therefore when the human experiment was played out on her body, her project was out of alignment because she herself was out of balance in her masculine and feminine aspects. However, she remembers how to raise her vibration in order to return to what she once was. She has asked for help in her return to health and perfection by bringing in other sentient beings into her experience to help raise the vibration of everything on the planet in embodiment at this time as she raises her vibration, because otherwise they will not be able to sustain physicality. She has chosen to remove herself from the experience of imbalance which includes dark forces.
  3. The Earth is a hologram similar to the holodeck in a Star Trek episode, and its main purpose is to provide learning experiences that will help one’s soul advance on a spiritual level. The matrix we live in is an ingenious computer program that seems real but we are souls having a physical experience in a game of life. The dark oppression on the planet at this time is simply the trigger that will awaken us to this illusion and then we will have to figure out how to exit the matrix. We signed up to have this experience, knowing that we would one day remember that it is a game and to win we have to outsmart the program.
  4. There are reptilian beings that came to the planet thousands of years ago when they heard of humans living on the planet that had been placed there by various beings around the galaxy that were experimenting in creation. They came to investigate and because of their controlling tendencies, decided to make this planet their own. These beings are so far from the light that they cannot sustain life without some form of lower vibrational energy. Humans have the capability of creating energy through the emotional body, and they figured out that they could steal such energy and thus stay on the planet. This is accomplished through keeping humans at a low vibration through mind controlling mechanisms and ingenious plan that makes them think they are free but in fact they are slaves. They are the beings who represent the Vatican and the respective government around the globe.
  5. Our Creator, or God, wanted to know itself better. In order to know itself better it wondered of it separated itself and sent parts of itself down into the lower dimensions, how the journey would unfold as the parts forgot where they came from and how to get home, or if they ever would begin to question about home. Some of the beings wanted a different experience and were cast out even further. These are the “fallen angels” who began to rebel so much about being separated from their comfort of home that they would do anything they could to keep from acknowledging where they came from. These are the beings who are controlling the planet at this time, and we are the beings of light that came from God that will remember that we were separated and will figure out eventually how to make our way back home.
  6. Many races of beings that live in our galaxy were having trouble getting along, even to the point of blowing up other planets, which affected the whole natural existence of the galaxy. Many of them are humanoids but some are insect like and of varied forms, like light bodies. They all had different ideas as to how to live, how to govern a planet, solar system, galaxy, and universe. Because we live in a free-willed universe, everyone had the right to think their own way, which inevitably caused disagreements and war. A few of the leaders got together and decided to create a new species of human being that would have the DNA of all of the various races, and place them on Earth to be born. When the dormant DNA was activated, humans would realize that they had the DNA of each other, and they would all be able to get along and grow into a single collective human consciousness, living in peace, joy, and happiness. Some jealous beings do not want to see this genetically mixed race of human being succeed, nor do they think they should inherit Earth as a peaceful, loving species, and they are the ones trying to keep the idea from being successful.
  7. All life is a representation of Astrotheology. According to Santos Bonacci, “the Bible was intended to be read as celestial (Stellar, Solar, Lunar and Planetary) allegories and poems based on archetypal, universal symbols of deep esoteric truths. Then and only then can it be explained without the need for Interpretation. The Bible is not a book written by God, but a book written about/of God. Santos restores much of the original interpretation of the Bible by revealing it’s original glory and reviving it’s practical usefulness to mankind. Discover unanswered questions about this solar science and how the Macrocosm (the Heavens) affect it’s counterpart on Earth, the Microcosm on his website.” According to this theory, Jesus never existed and the story of Jesus is an allegory representing his embodiment as our Sun. Our bodies are universes within universes and we have come to Earth to awaken to the truth of who and what we are.
  8. Creation is infinite. Our creator being is one of twelve creator beings created from a Source in our cosmos. Our Source was one of twelve sources from a being outside of our cosmos. Some of the dark beings created by some of the other  cosmoses figured out how to infiltrate our creator being’s experience, and have tried to take over and control our creator beings creations. This has been played out in the higher dimensions of the cosmos, and the battle to extrapolate those beings from the other cosmos has brought light beings from other cosmoses here to help, sent by one of the higher source beings. Some of these light beings from other cosmoses had to infiltrate the densest part of existence- the first through the third dimensions in order to clear the dark beings that infiltrated these lower dimensions from the other cosmos. The light beings are here on the planet incarnated as humans and are doing the energy work in private as things are unraveling. They are getting to the root of the problem from the bottom up and giving the dark beings a choice to return to their own cosmos or to be reconstituted into the light, back to their source. Source of planet Earth also asked these light beings to help humans realize that they are all part of the one Source which was something they forgot as they traveled down into this dense dimensional frequency. So in order for the dark control to end on the planet, first the beings from other cosmoses had to be cleared and then humans would need to awaken to who and what they are and begin to regain consciousness of that higher frequency in order to free themselves from control.
  9. Earth is a free willed planet who volunteered to be a template for seeding other planets. It is a Petri dish of sorts where all forms of life could be created and when the atmosphere and living conditions were perfect for life on earth, various forms of life were created. As various forms of life were perfected, this template was to be replicated on other planets of similar composition and that is how life on other planets would evolve. However, there were other forms of beings that had lost their way of living on their planet because a war destroyed their atmosphere. They discovered that earth’s mineral, gold, would sustain their atmosphere and began mining the planet of this element and shipping it back to their planet to sustain life. The beings that were creating life on earth had left life to grow and came back to see that other beings had taken control of the planet. There has been a battle ever since to regain control of the planet.

With each one of these examples comes detailed descriptions from fervent people who believe they are on a mission to help save the human race and the planet from destruction. Many people are truly “downloading” memories of living on other planets and have full detailed descriptions of what their missions are. Others are reading books and resonating with a particular race of beings and their plight to save humanity and just know they are here to help. Whatever the source of the feelings, the drive is greater and greater as thrubber bande tension and polarity between the ones who control and the controlled stretches the rubber band so tight that we all agree that one day soon the band will break.

Some of these theories may be right, none of them may be right, or all of them may be right depending upon the place that you are viewing them from. What this means is that there are infinite possibilities and timelines that could be possible, and there could be people living on the planet now from any one of these timelines. They could have traveled here from the past or from the future, all with a particular mission. Or it could all simply be an illusion and one day we will wake up out of the dream and say, “wow, that was a trip! What’s next?”

It seems that all we can truly do as a human at this time is deal with what each one as an individual is dealing with in front of him or her. This means focusing on what we are experiencing and trying to change either the thought patterns that created it or solving day to day problems that are causing the struggle. If one is homeless then the daily struggle will be acquire money or food in order to keep the body alive, which includes keeping it sheltered while it regenerates in sleep. If one has a place to live and an income, that person may be struggling with trying to keep it that way. If one person has all of the resources they need and more, they might be struggling with the deep, empty hole that still resides within them.

No matter what your daily struggle, whether is wealth, health, unhappiness, addiction, control, greed, power, or loneliness it seems like EVERYONE has a struggle. That is the one thing we can agree on.  Now that we have identified the one thing we can agree on, what is the one thing that can help anyone on the planet deal with it?

If you have ever given a homeless person money or food you have seen and felt the gratitude they had from the sharing of your heart energy. You had enough compassion to share what you had so that they could hopefully exist one more day on this planet, and you made a difference in their life.

Love-FireCompassion comes from love. Love is the driving force that can overtake any problem that exists on this planet. It has been said that the creator of this experience, whatever the experience actually is, IS love. If you think about any situation that is happening in your life or someone else’s life that is not going well, you can see where love from another human being could have a huge impact on that situation.  

You have probably seen how people transform when they fall in love. You have probably also seen how they transform when they fall out of love. The irony of it all is that if they had a responsibility to themselves to be love, to emanate love, and to treat others as they would want to be treated, in love, the world would be a different place. Where has the love gone and why have we looked for love from others in order to feel it?

The explanations and reasons for that are as varied as the explanations for what is happening on this planet. One explanation seems to stand out above the rest, and that is that if you do not love yourself, you cannot possibly truly love another in a healthy manner. What this means is that you will fall in and out of love, and have all of the ups and downs, turmoil, and chaos that is represented all over the planet. You will continue to mirror the non-love of yourself to other people and they will mirror it back to you until you figure out that it came from you in the first place.

love_heartingIf everyone were to treat others with love and respect, there would be no hunger, wars, control, or suffering. The question is how do we use this to change the world tyranny that we live in? We can do it one person at a time, beginning with ourselves. Loving ourselves just may be the spark that will reflect in our outer world and will turn into respect and love for others. Love is so powerful that it may not take long once the word gets out and people begin to realize just how simple it could be. It seems like everyone we have met in some small way is capable of love, but some do not choose it.

When those that have not chosen love are outnumbered, they will choose a different experience. As long as we continue to fall into their traps and patterns, they will continue their quest. Is their purpose ironically to help us find love?

The planet is in a dire resolution stage right now. It is and has been on the brink of another war for a very long time, and has also been on the edge of an economic collapse. If there were no soldiers to fight because they woke up and realized that what they do to another is reflective in how they think of themselves, and instead out of compassion and love laid down their weapons, then we would have no one to fight the wars. If the majority of people decided they did not want to pay taxes and instead spread the money to those that did not have any, there would not be enough enforcers to do anything about it. If everyone then realized that all we needed was love for each other in order to exist on this planet, we would all pitch in to help everyone have what they needed not only to survive, but with everything they needed to thrive.

Love is a magical force. It is what keeps our hearts beating, and the lack of it is what causes our hearts to stop beating. If you are bewildered about the various teachings and explanations of what is happening and what we are going to do about it, think of love and see how it makes you feel. Go within your own heart and listen to what it has to say. Your truth is found within it, and it may not be the same truth as another’s truth in words, but it is one language that can be understood and felt by all. Love is the one escape and is the one solution.

Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, as a contributing author for  Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in 2014-2015 in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model. Michelle Walling’s website is CosmicStarseeds, and her Facebook page can be found here.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which states that this article can be reproduced in full or part as long as the appropriate credit is indicate if changes were made.


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