Universal Interference And The Fate Of Negative Elite

Universal Interference And The Fate Of Negative Elite

By Michelle Walling, CHLC
Editor, WooWoo Media

Why would souls want to incarnate into a third dimensional experience and how will they ascend back to a higher frequency? Beings from the 11th dimension that came through in a quantum hypnosis session answer these questions and more, including the fate of the negative elite.

Hank Jones II has a unique way of putting his friend Lars Sarnult under guided visualization via Skype. Hank is in Texas and Lars is in Sweden. If you haven’t seen any of their videos, you can check out Hank’s You Tube channel here.

With Hank’s this unique method, the duo is bringing profound information for Earth from higher dimensional beings that seem to actually be from their oversouls in another plane of existence. Their most recent video titled Hank And Lars To Earth via the 11th Dimension inspired me to share a few conclusions from their session.

In this session Hank asked Lars if many of the souls on this planet came from the 11th dimension. Lars (or the 11th dimensional being) says that many of the souls coming from this place manifested back on Earth to help raise the knowledge. Those that lowered their frequency to be here now are collecting unique experiences because of their capability of feeling with emotion, which was needed to feed back to the Source. These souls incarnated many, many times in order to gather experience and raise the knowledge each time and to gradually raise the state of existence back to where it was meant to be.

Lars says that those who lowered in frequency went though the 11th dimension to get here, not just originated from that higher dimension. Normally, when an oversoul sends a chard of itself down in frequency, it has access to the higher knowledge that it carries. However, on Earth, there is a system in place that keeps these aspects from accessing the higher knowledge within.

Hank asked if that would change because of the area that our solar system is passing through now, and Lars agrees, however he says that this has been happening for hundreds of years already. However the shift in knowledge and consciousness has been accelerating rapidly now as humanity is thinking collectively, because humans are figuring out how to connect back to their collective oversoul (with methods like this one).

Hank asked what the initial reason was for higher vibrational entities to lower their vibrations to have a third dimensional experience. Was it intentional to bring as much information as possible back to the Universal library or for Source? And if so, is it correct that there was a manipulation involved in the process because we are in a free willed zone? Lars says yes in a way, because the manipulation was sometime back in your history as being a manipulation from OUTSIDE, but most of your manipulation then came from inside. Even in that state, souls are still collecting valuabe experience to take back to Source. Lars said that the lower vibration is not necessarily wrong, because there are many places that have manifestation in the same dimensional frequency as ours that are not focused on negativity. In those realities, they are still able to feel love and connect and the only boundaries and hindrances to make that connection are those that they choose to hold on to.

Hank then asked if there is anything that will hold us back as we keep traversing into these higher vibrational energies, and Lars said that people will move into higher vibrations only if they choose to. Many people on the planet are saying that they are tired of what is happening on the planet and of what is being done to us, and that they are not going to put up with this elite thinking anymore. For clarity, Hank asked Lars what will happen to those that have chosen not to align with Gaia’s raising frequencies. Will they will eventually leave this space and go to another place where they can continue a third dimensional experience?

Lars said that they can do that, but they can’t hold on to the negative vibration that they carry. It will have to change as the hatred that people are holding onto is resonating totally out of fear and that no one from outside is actually attacking. It is human vs. human on Earth, and this all comes from within. Most people do not realize that we are creating this reality ourselves. The understanding of this creates an epiphany, which then allows them to make the changes within themselves that will change their external reality.

Lars says that many people are waking up to this and no one is shouting that they want more wars except for a very small group of elite people still steeped in fear. The fear keeps getting worse for this small group because they are losing the control they once had and thought they would always have. Lars says that if those people still want to hold onto that fear vibration, they are not going to be welcome here anymore, and that there are places for them to go. These places are kind of like hospitals that will help them to heal.

Hank reiterated that this small group of elite can’t stop what is happening on the planet and Lars said that the implants they use are getting weaker and weaker every day. Lars says that love will spread across the planet and to acknowledge people that are spreading love by saying “I love what you are doing”. That is what inspired this article!

Lars said that our goal as humanity is to give love to everyone even if in your opinion they do not deserve it, and to do no harm to anyone. You can tell someone, “I love you and I respect you even though I don’t resonate with the way you act”.  He said that more than likely they will soon lose holding onto hostility, and that is how you change a society.

Lars says in closing that we are all connected to every living thing on the planet, including the planet itself. Therefore, I can see the logic in how spreading forgiveness, respect, and love will affect everything in an exponential way, including the planet. Although the planet has no emotions, it has reasons for existence that everyone has to respect. If we help the planet to heal itself, all the bad things humanity has done to it will heal as we raise in vibration together.

Hank and Lars have figured out a way to access their higher knowledge, bypassing the frequency controls that separate us from our higher selves. By bringing through information from a place that has no limits, it is easier to understand the how and why we are in the situation we are in. We chose to experience this, and some even chose to re-experience this in order to help those who have forgotten who they are and where they came from. We all came from a place of love, even the ones who choose to hang onto negative dominating and controlling energies.

The whole Hank and Lars video is below. The information I shared starts at 48:00.

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