What Does Christmas Mean to you?

xmas4By Michelle Walling, CHLC

Do you feel like Christmas has gotten way too commercialized in America and is just pressuring you to spend money that you don’t have?  How do you feel about the disappointment your children or family members may have about not having gifts to open? The last thing you want to do is disappoint them and burst their bubble. Are you tired of playing this game of celebrating the birth of Jesus?Every year the big retail stores begin squeezing the regular merchandise into a few isles to make way for the Christmas inventory earlier and earlier. The norm used to be the day after Thanksgiving, for many years. But the trend started creeping each year to a week before Thanksgiving, to two weeks, and today, the stores had What Does Christmas Mean To You?Christmas merchandise out before Halloween. Christmas music was playing at Thanksgiving. This is a retail merchandiser’s trap. Welcome to materialism Hell.

Think back to when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait to open Christmas presents. There was always that one thing that you saw on tv (or in the five and dime ad if you were a kid before tv) that you wanted and if you didn’t get it, boy you were sure disappointed. Television was designed to program our minds at a very young age about expectations which always leads to disappointment. Let’s say you did get that toy you wanted- how long did you really play with it before it ended up in your closet? It really was all about satisfying the material aspect of filling that hole within you that was created by the same group that controls most of humanity. The hole has been systematically created from abandonment, from the lack of knowing who we are, and from the loss of love and nurturing in community living. This hole has been growing from lifetime to lifetime on this planet and now is the time to fill it with love instead of things.

It was all part of the grand scheme of slavery that was instituted by the Queen of England. America’s plan was to be the “New World” of slavery to make the rich even richer. Christopher Columbus DID NOT discover America. Many came before him to scout out the place that would be “America the free”,  and Columbus was in charge of taking over the lands at any cost.

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The “American Dream” was formed with mortgages we could not afford and credit cards to keep us in debt and slavery, working our whole lives just to pay everything off.  More and more people are waking up to the fact that we as humans should not have to struggle to survive or to be comfortable anywhere on the planet, and a small group of families holds most of the wealth because we bought into their system and paid taxes from working and then paid interest on our homes, and compounded interest of borrowing money on credit cards because we didn’t have enough left to eat or to buy Christmas presents.

The best thing you can give your family this year is help breaking free of materialism and commercialism. Your fears about what they will think of you are the biggest thing you have to overcome.

So what do you tell your kids this year? That Christopher Columbus didn’t discover America and that’s why What Does Christmas Mean To You?they aren’t getting a 60” flat screen television? That may or may not be the best thing to start with, it is up to you. Even if the real reason you aren’t going to buy presents is because you have no money to do so, the best approach is to start with what is driving the need for material things. How much “stuff” does one need anyway? It is probably ok to exchange a few gifts as you slowly change the way your family thinks, as long as you do not have to borrow the money to do it. The true family spirit can be achieved by making your own gifts, tree, or ornaments this year. It’s time to get back to basics and out of the dream. The stores that are deemed “too big to fail” will indeed fail one day, along with the banks of the same name. It starts with choice- where you shop, what you buy, and where you keep your money.

If you want, you can even get into the real truth of Christmas and the lies placed into our heads about the birth of Jesus. Do some research if you have yet to discover how the story placed in the Bible was created by the Catholic church as part of the plan of domination and control. But you have to use your own discernment as to just how much your family will be able to take without having a massive shock due to almost everything they What Does Christmas Mean To You? | In5D.comhave been taught has been a lie created out of manipulation. You may hurt a few people and you may lose some family members or friends over this spark of change that you create , but how long can you continue to live the lie? You have to have faith that one day there will be enough proof that these things that you say are true, and boy will they want to hear what you have to say then.

The time has come to show people how much you love them not by what you buy them, but how you feel just by being with them and loving them. Another thing humans have been tricked into doing is substituting love for food. Most Americans put enough food on the table at Thanksgiving and Christmas to feed an army. As we begin to awaken to the true beauty of our bodies we find ourselves eating less to fill that hole imposed upon us and instead realize that the only thing missing is love for ourselves. . Eating organically this Christmas will make all of you feel better and will set the bar higher each year until we begin to celebrate a whole new set of holidays, like “Liberation Day” or “Fifth Dimensional Shift Day”.

In the end, we can all thank commercialism and materialism for the chance to break free from the slavery of one more piece of the puzzle. Many people can barely keep the electricity on and are in fear of how they will feed their children each week. Everything exists for a reason, and the biggest fear some people are facing is whether they will succeed as parents. Rising above this fear takes going within to know that we live a created illusion in order to break the patterns of energy and emotions accumulated over many lifetimes. We must have these situations arise in order to recognize them and make a different choice. Standing in your divine power by choosing differently will open doors for miracles to occur.

Another fear created by materialism is the fear of what people will think of you. What people think of you is none of your business and beginning today, you should live your life with respect and compassion for others, but in your own truth. This is not born out of arrogance but is that way true way showers lead the way into living a life of freedom and love. Be the sheep that turns at the last minute while barreling toward the cliff.

Despite the commercialism and materialism of Christmas, this holiday provides the opportunity to give from the heart while sharing good times with loved ones. As with any holiday, the intention you place behind it will create the outcome that you desire. When giving gifts during Christmas, consider creating something homemade. If you do decide to purchase a gift, support your local businesses versus buying from corporations who rely on slave labor to keep their prices low.

Don’t buy into the pressure anymore. Stand your ground with your family- it is up to us to be the change on this planet. Don’t go overboard or you will lose your credibility, however be as truthful as you feel you need to be. Remember that every day we are faced with challenges that can be seen as opportunities to make choices as free humans as to what we want our reality to be like. Listen to your heart as to just how far you should take this change this year. Ask your guides and angels for help and have the best holiday season ever, knowing you are free because you made the choice to stand in your power of truth!

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